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Endless things to say thirty-two

Wednesday on February 12th, 2020Life

Event a

December 8, children with another man married quarters, a sigh we have a marriage entered another stage of life, he was already married in Pakistan in the home, this time in Chengdu, re-submit, dinner time we did not go to the people.

Through this incident, a group of us at the University of brothers, but also together. Elementary, middle, high school, college, go through these stages, most of the harvest friend or university, a group of us, may be the last for some time to learn, and then it went to their society, so playing to friends, they are particularly cherish this friendship, meet once every year, not long, just two or three days we all talk about life, talk about themselves, talk about that part of the event, it is particularly easy.

Here feeling about Luzhou EMU in the end Shashi Hou open ah, surface and air are developed, it is only the lack of rail, have to say is a pity, but in the construction, and listen to the official meant to officially open to traffic in 2021, I do not have time to transfer to Longchang sat.

Two events

Home, the word seemed ordinary and not ordinary, middle of the night also want to go back, after all, where is their haven.

No. 8 in the evening, busy buy a ticket to go home the moment, I really felt "home" of their own importance, where their wives and children waiting for me back, so no matter how late, will go back. You know, before we get together a group of people, basically at night, "dissolute" go, foot bath, drink tea, sing.

After moving car, travel interchange, the same day around 23:00 only to the house, watching the children fall asleep, young married woman is still waiting for me, everything felt so good. On the way home, around town at IKEA, a young married woman to buy her favorite color macarons cutlery, cups, give the baby to buy only big golden dog toy.

Three events

Cats and children, a pat hand, is according to Meng, this kid's face to the force, ha ha!

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