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Late night food, eat twice-cooked pork

Wednesday on February 12th, 2020Life

Late at night, the code word, when their own lives, have to take care of yourself, so meals have to do what you love to eat, too. Twice-cooked pork has always been one of their favorite dishes, and so is their grasp of the earliest vegetables. Now the price of pork is not cheap ah, here we have a good point of lean meat are 27, 28, 30 on even the best meat is properly the completed.

Some time ago the price of pork fell for a while, or has gone back up, tut tut, uncomfortable mushrooms! During that time, looked at the price, my mom came back to buy several kilograms of pig oil boil two pots of lard stood as an authentic Sichuanese cooking that still have to put some lard and the only incense.

Home from work around 6:20, noon, put three lines out natural meat thawed from frozen room, so riding neutral cooking time under the pot wash the meat and other ingredients cooked 7 minutes.

Twice-cooked pork sense of self is the soul of watercress, watercress is his grandmother in person to do, so the taste is more authentic, Pixian is also good, but now the brand too much, I do not know that authentic, because the packaging is marked "authentic" , ha ha, however, marked buy multi-point, it should be better point, homemade watercress marked not so much, so looking at the light, but the taste is not bad.

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