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Two people eat hot pot at home

Wednesday on February 12th, 2020Life

I think I may be the last generation to fight Angel, also toothache the day before yesterday, last night at home to eat hot pot, eat special happy, ha ha!

In fact, the original plan was to eat hot pot last night, and his wife discuss, grocery shopping, buy hot pot at home do it yourself, then the first day still Jingdong bought a set of color values ??online cooker set, I really did not live up to expectations .

Toothache this thing, is appearing in the program, but yesterday nothing miraculous thing, so there is no impact on fondue dinner.

This is actually what we want to eat hot pot is not deliberately eat, just think two people together to buy food, get to go home, she vegetables, Zecai, I am responsible for the cooking plate, boil hot pot soup and enjoy the two personal process of doing things together, feeling kind of "home".

>** digression: ** Speaking of home, and he is married, and my personal feeling is that two people run, to see how business for themselves and each other, need to understand and know how to pay, but also have patience.

>To say I was a young married woman medical workers, to work every day tired, go home a few nagging, must not appear impatient, trying to think, learn to comfort; again, know how to compromise, there is, indeed, well, take a step backward, arguing many families are actually small, both sides are stubborn, refused to give way, so conflicts, small incident event; but also know how to "live with a sense of ritual," static life throughout the year, that sure is boring boring, so give yourself some fun to the family, such as every other period of time and the young married woman to go out for a walk, watch a movie or getting better, then bad, the family like to eat hot pot, is also a good 2 people time; finally, I think the most important thing is to "exchange", and to know each other's meaning, and let each other know their meaning, it seems very short answer, but still not simple.

Nagging confusion disorder may say, think of what you wrote what. Finally look homemade fondue dinner last night it!

Come back from the supermarket to buy food, young married woman is responsible for Zecai, vegetables, I was responsible for cutting vegetables, boil the soup pot at the end, during which talk about talk about their work, hobbies, or what topic they found something.

Stewed chicken soup bottom with soil, the soil first chicken cut into chunks, washed, skim foam, remove the pot with cold water wash, chicken fry for a while under the oil, saute onion pepper under the pot, pour into the pressure cooker, add water, add ginger, pressed for 20 minutes, do not press too soft, or to chew a little good perspicacity.

During the pressing end of soup, vegetable transfer to a plate on the table, took out to buy a new cooker Yan Kit artifact value, just waiting for the end of a good soup, into the pot, cell function after a 1800W turn pot boil, add pot to buy primer, salt taste test Han, wait a little longer, you can begin to eat slightly hot.

A look at the scene finished effect is good, during dinner, then turn the television to see a "Qingyu years", then blow homemade Han, ah, this is life.

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