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Short-term travel - New Year in the United States

Wednesday on April 1st, 2020Life

According to the previous plan, to the United States to play for a week, shorter vacations, originally wanted to play the two cities, the results only last a few days wandering in New York, went out to spend money like water, are tens of hundreds of knives, eat to live, all the money, if long holiday, staying in a hotel can not afford to hurt ah, so long if you have relatives somewhat better, we went to most of the tourist attractions Raiders, Los Angeles and Miami have to wait to go again later.

In fact, this should be the best tourist destinations Miami, Miami year-round temperature of 20 degrees up and down, because the weather is a bit cold in New York, what with the rain, and snow is also strong winds, the wind was so in the street but people break gas, not to mention shopping and look at the scenery, can only choose to stroll in the mall, which also happens to be like the LP, so those days most of the shopping mall - also with her.

New York mall

New York indeed very prosperous, high-rise buildings everywhere, the mall is a good multi-layered, many stores have hired senior Chinese hospitality, the reason should be better and the customer exchange it, what New York is not cheap, especially Fifth Avenue nearby, big city thing high income, high consumption, but to talk about something expensive, this is usually the most expensive imported stuff, Argentina strange electronic products more expensive than New York, but the Argentine's daily life is very much cheaper, For example, transportation of food, etc., I see New York most electronic products are imported from China, no way, we produce things cheaper!

New York Shopping

I was there to buy some electronic products, of which there is gamepad and two unmanned aerial vehicles wingsland s6, Shenzhen product, XBOX game controller in bestbuy to buy, just started to get back suddenly tore the outer shell, found to buy the wrong, then took enchant, the United States has long been known shopping can be changed, to experience a bit, and she gave me a change, wireless fortunately did not delay, mainly used to play arcade games, arcade actually want to buy shop rocker that, to a total state of mind to buy something, they purchased.

Another is the unmanned aircraft wingsland s6, to be honest I'm not very strong to play for unmanned aerial vehicles, find a number of shops are not DJI Dajiang Mavic Pro, easy to carry small size, speed 65 km/h, for a preference shooting people, this thing is definitely his playful thing, think about adding some aerial effects during shooting, be sure to give him a lot of video to increase the feeling of the tall, has recently seen a lot of Miguel youtube video, make some sense video also quite interested, buy Mavic Pro, other products on the market such as Wingsland s6 control range are within 100 meters, power can be about 9 minutes, less stable, (mavic pro control range of 5,000 meters to 7 km, capacity 25 minutes, more stable), and so I finally bought back, mainly through customs UAV afraid there will be problems, so just drained away, and the New York Jewish driving too large electronics store to buy BH, which over many electronics products, audio and video shooting very professional, take the time to retreat, and Jews speak Spanish, I said I was and so Mavic Pro had come, they brought the last show, is not willing to sell

New York Subway

New York Subway strong enough to have the fast lane and slow lane, this is quite a shock, a little old and dirty subway environment and facilities, careful line, so a little more complicated, but more convenient, most also operates 24 hours, unlike my side 11:30 I can not take the subway.

As far as I know there are a lot of people do not understand the subway, and even the subway Argentine capital this simple line, there are many Chinese do not understand, let alone New York subway, and checked the complexity of the number one, but look a little, or at least simple, the difficulty is that the subway line and more multi-station transfer, import and export more, and then a bunch of guide words, people big head, but as long as targeted, you can follow the prompts to go, very simple, but many people card in afraid to try.

New York snow

I grew up not seen snow, snow is actually the first time I saw snow was in Argentina a hundred years, that would be at work, also braved the snow out of the delivery, but also snow in New York, the place to go skiing , it touches saw the piles of snow, I heard that also artificial snow, the snow has been less than usual, it is the first time to try skiing, I feel that fall hurt (but did not bring gloves beginning, the fall your hands numb with cold), sliding forward boldly, at relatively steep slopes to practice guts, very exciting, but did not learn basic slope of 15 degrees probably touches can experience the fun, is the basis for breaking the venue is not long enough, one will have to slip on slope, not enough fun, ha ha, we southerners rare snow, the road is a north driver uncle to play with, he said that they are common.

And the old Chinese chat

Met on the road a Beijing old Chinese, is a driver, where he remained for 20 years, that day happened to him is the way to go skiing zone, chatted, asked them in living conditions in New York, said that did not want to come home, this thing, ask are old overseas Chinese, the answer is definitely this, new or southerners, perhaps there are roots of the idea, as many people in Argentina, but also want to make money to return home, and very few people around me want to permanently emigrate, but having said that in fact, many people will choose in a foreign country, after all, the country that aggressive atmosphere ah, this is to say what comes to food, welfare, environmental issues, etc. social climate, free medical treatment in New York, medicine is free, pregnant women living allowance and so on, good social welfare, life may occasionally be a bit lonely is inevitable, so I want to go out, it will definitely wanted to integrate into the local social life, learn the language, make friends, and life will gusto.

New York's Chinatown

Also abroad, we considered more particularly Argentina's Chinatown, New York's Chinatown than most of us here, and this point was very envious (but hopefully the Chinese neighborhoods of some maintenance was clean), everything, shops industry and more, and import a relationship, just like in China to Chinatown, near the Chinese faces are non-Chinese communities in the road often encounter Chinese, of course, is the world's Chinese district of Manhattan was once the largest local Chinese, and sure enough insight into.

Little analysis, because the United States District Chinese are concentrated in one place to do business, work will be more Chinese, and therefore the main target customers business are Chinese, unlike us, most people are uniformly dispersed in National City the various streets, Argentina imported Chinatown is a problem here, so most of the restaurants full of foodstuffs is not enough, resulting in a chef's dishes are small, with small Chinatown Chinese, the service sector is also less.

Oh yeah, this time in the United States Chinatown New Year, Chinatown and various like dragon dance through the streets, as well as the financial center of Wall Street to the United States drink a cup of Xin Bake, used to seeing high-rise buildings in New York, does not feel there is anything Wall Street special, bird cattle lot of people up to take pictures, only this on behalf of a visit to Wall Street.

Well, a few pictures on it:

More photos with millet 5 cell phone shot, the quality of the pictures is not particularly high demands, so it did not bring a camera, and initially went to the official Apple buy Apple 7, help relatives to buy, the phone also taking lots of pictures , do not show, as well as New York is not suitable rental car, a bit crowded city traffic.

These days blog basically did not touch, driver's license extension also come back a bit and have time to look at the record of today's travel experience, and finally I wish you all a new year, success in work, happy life.

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