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Toss endless - into the pit competition-cum-box bucket cloud 2.0 Kee

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

"Zhang aunt" still can not see, wanted to toss a look at something, you have to toss something to be buying them at a stretch. A few days ago to see someone tossing competition bucket cloud, he did not hold back, but also into the pits on the "Zhang aunt." But this time a little deep into the pit, about 110 free shipping buy three! If this easy to use, put the now extremely busy routes on fish to sell, you can sell it 110. All three sellers originally done LEDE firmware, ready to start toss it!

Yesterday courier to pick up the time to get the package, I thought the seller sent the wrong goods, because the packaging is too high. There is a label on the packaging there is a "broadcast storm cloud cool" is not the seller sent the two storm two to me! !

Look at this one in the box, there are 0.5 m length fast, and before buying the package is, there is a palm-sized routing it! A host, a power adapter, the following two pressing two 2.4G and 2.5G antenna!

This antenna is installed bucket competing cloud, and I am extremely Route 4 together relatively, nothing else than the size!

The most important thing is the final say on it! Look at his list configuration, when the memory is 512M, the 110 price is very value! On busy shipping the fish now risen to 115+!

Another point is that such a configuration playability, running multiple service should be no problem!

Under PS myself, an impulse buy more, who want to transfer one! Haha

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