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Ten years ago I dated earn ten thousand yuan! Ten years later I can not make money

Friday on March 27th, 2020Life

As the saying goes: man does not past glories. My memoirs no problem, right? O (_) O ~ ha

Brush QQ business, understanding hackers

In "Childhood memories: computer computer" about a high school, almost 17 years old soon 18 years old, I came into contact with the relevant information to hackers on the Internet. At that time Tencent QQ members, the first three diamond business (Red Diamond QQ Show, QQ space yellow diamond, Blue Diamond QQ games), and then more and more of the diamond business. I have let the young mind comparisons, but pocket money how to do? On the rational use of search engine "QQ how to brush drill?"

QQ business is the earliest you can use broadband to order, and thus the network on the popular method of using other people's broadband account to pay for the QQ opened his own business. Probably this is the original:

1, control the other computer (commonly known as the broiler). Remote control software is also acquiring control of the other computer;

2, then get broadband account and password.

3, and broadband access to local opening page, then use a file (commonly known as the springboard), it will be opened.

There are two ways brush drill first brush with gray pigeons, easy to find playing chicken Shaanxi and the like and then steal passwords with ADSL his thorns and his agents to the same port, and then you can go on Megaupload lightly brush! There is a ramp or with a brush MONTERNET! But the technology, it might deductions. . (See paragraph on Baidu know more detailed description!)

Seemingly simple three-step process, but the actual operation is not so easy, you need to install the other side of the remote control program, I put the remote control to bind in some weird program that allows others to download and run naturally in the move. For example, plug-in, I own language E "brush drill software," the shell and so on. Of course most of them are experienced Internet cafe computer, home computer installation has become difficult to encounter my control - broiler.

Finally met a few do, because there are problems springboard files, making it impossible to use the broiler, on my local agent, but can not access the springboard to success (broiler agency may issue), I have the impression to once or twice? Back to good friends QQ also opened? If he was not so lucky.

Anyway, at that time very, very happy!

Because hackers, understand money online

Over time, after more in-depth understanding of hackers, virus production know or to avoid killing virus (anti-virus software to prevent killing) make a lot less money money. At that time almost 18 years old, go through the life of the first bank card, was not yet Alipay no micro letter. Play money is needed to fight money online banking is very troublesome! I signed up to participate in a Web-based training, and also my website enlightenment Website - Patriots safety net (Black Hawk Safety Net) owners out a - Yu Ying plans (Wangzhuan training courses).

At that time I added the training is directed at learning hacking techniques, directed at learning the invasion, learning techniques to avoid killing the virus. Since that time I overheard to say what a big brother to avoid killing orders can casually make Liuqi Qian month. At that time 10 years ago in 2008! (January 2008 the average price was 12,479 yuan/square meters) wow! I then also facing villa near the Dianchi Lake in Kunming, my mom your son a few years later casually buy you a villa back. But now it 10 years later, I still can not afford a house!

Later found hacking too difficult, they begin to learn Yu Ying plans (Wangzhuan training courses). This figure is on a course that I Wangzhuan tutorial enlightenment, after reading this set of course it embarked on the road of money online. (And there are university papers) digression: This course is the player I've seen in 10 years the best player, after introductory chapter kindergartens, primary schools want to see the content of the articles need to answer on the player, pass the full answer points to normal play, not on their own slowly go back and study it. Other family have so far not seen such a player.

Sleight of hand tricks - earned first pot of gold

After a period of study, I found a sleight of hand tricks of the project. The other site Wangzhuan tutorial (there are also other tutorials), to organize their own forum above, then charge a very low cost VIP. The cost is probably less than 10 yuan. I seem to be from a dollar or two and slowly rose up. As more and more content after the forum, I also found some of the more valuable content, slowly began to raise prices by about twenty or thirty dollars a VIP! I then also found a special book manual bookkeeping, adding a day I will remember handmade sum, the evening before going to bed afterwards, and then estimate how many people will be tomorrow plus VIP. During this period count - picking up waste brick, reselling;

Later I found that this seemingly earn too little, and then began to learn about other people's free packaging courses (and later developed to rip other people's course). Early or find free courses, then later pay their own research practice, it is packaged in its own original course VIP Forum. It would be able to charge around 50-100 a VIP. Anyway, that is constantly in those early user base in the flicker, I have a new course, the latest released profitable project, as long as 100 yuan can not buy you lose you can not buy fooled routine. Of course there are new entrants, to buy cheap flicker, flicker slowly on a pirate ship buy expensive items.

In some time, I found Wangzhuan Forum ranked the first floor - 80 Wangzhuan forum. Contributors to the collection of royalties is not low, I also worked for some time in his forum contributors! Later Webmaster Forum - leaves passengers feel that this contribution not want to upgrade, intends to recruit a few hanging title 80 floor wangzhuan a lecture. Ever since I find I get a little project out of the system, he hung him to give me the forum to promote. Then how can I make money project ah, I picked up another plus to do - training abroad questionnaire, about 200-400 yuan, and I spent some time researching the money. To rip all of the 80 courses in the floor and then a student forum at a price of 580 yuan, class, each lasting 20 personal income! This project seems altogether opened three or four do not remember. Later also opened another Wangzhuan project also seemed to rip other people trained to participate in the price is not too expensive will not remember anyway. I am doing google adsense proficient. As if opened about two. Can not remember.

The most important thing is dead leaves off throughout the process, he refused to charge a penny is not he know how to think? I was young is straightforward, he said no money I really did not give up. Do not know a way to change money or fly directly to look for him, see a face ah maybe talk face to face can become good friends for a lifetime of it. Pity!

At a loss

The figure also comes, and later sold the 80 floor! Later Arjun would not like dead leaves off. He just want to hang advertising, then hung his bid training.

I also talked to other Wangzhuan forums worked, are not afford to lift what storms! (Not make much money!)

Know go on like this is not enough

Evaluation of the above chart, I was doing money online forums have encountered such a problem. But my mind finally collapse! So we decided not to continue the transition to engage in Wangzhuan training business.

At that time I was already able to fool his own realm. (The highest state lie, cheat himself believed) and is convinced, and only the family chat when I say I will clear this is a lie, this is my Bluff. I also met there claiming to be college students, home in urgent need of money (something like surgery and the like), and asked which items I can make enough VIP thousands of dollars of medical expenses in a short time? I told him not much time in it quickly think of other ways to raise money now.

Of course there encountered a similar figure this directly to scold me, waiting for me to say that you know the location of your home, we wait for you and your family hacked to death with a knife door of words. While talking on my mouth, it's your own question why others can do but you can not pay? You do not think about who is this problem? This sentence can fool most people. But in fact add my VIP people the impression that no one said feedback to make money.

I was also made a plan:

The first stage: the original accumulation of capital

The second stage: to find items, other non-Wangzhuan training project

The third stage: serious operation

Ten years later, I'm still second, third stage lingered.

Why not continue?

My friend and often recalled the past, I always said and I do Wangzhuan Forum VIP people, after I finish also persists in pursuing for several years. I had no how to continue it? I was really little regret!

Why not continue?

Reasons for the just-concluded those years is this: I think this is a lie is wrong!

Later reasons: I can not find the project, continued to rip up.

Later the reason: I can not stand those annoying dying after-sales service, and I am lazy, I swell up! I think tens of thousands have been incredible!

Later the reason: I'm afraid, I do not know what I fear?

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