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Recently do anything to get rich?

Thursday on March 5th, 2020Life

Some time ago it has been frustrating movie site "melons Bay", should belong to a dead nor alive the project? Problems faced by the film resource website:

1, the most serious problem: the country pay more attention to copyright issues than a few years ago;

2, belong website traffic, no traffic tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, it seems really bad drainage? (Of course, I may own capacity issues)

3, thought about doing charge network disk, but the flow is basically thousands, of people experience is downloaded disk download rate and reduced advertising network. But the thought of doing Taobao customers who come to my website is to lower the resources, I really do not know Taobao customers can recommend Diansha? Look peer site recommended 9.9 shipping merchandise, but? ? Ha ha;

4, let her half-dead right.

A friend of mine and I said he resigned not to work. To engage in full-time Taobao off! Then the whole willing to data collection Taobao customer data garment, he still tossing zblog blog, made a ladies recommended blog.

1, no pre-flow, after the latter resigned toss out the soft paper, received tens of thousands of traffic, and then click on average a few thousand, and then orders the single digits, earnings about 100-150;

2, soon to be two-eleven, he began tossing shopping guide micro-channel group. A few days ago to say a single not know how many? ? ?

My recent cases:

1, recently made a Taobao customer's product website, a single average commission of about 25-200 yuan.

2, but faced with similar problems and my friends, I also find a cheap publicity, the investment is small, the flow did not get him the kind of tens of thousands more, there are about a hundred clicks, but eggs pain is the same order number (Ultra Low conversion rate);

3, done before a sell toaster blog, previous practice law are each a product of fine writing articles recommended; this article is a column chart bin; Is it me or what content should be fine? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

4, also consider buying a set of Taobao off the program, do the coupons station (Taobao + coupon on the Lynx earn commissions through Taobao off), the product will automatically capture, automatically screening lot of messy problems high commission. In fact, this can give it a try, the only problem is the cost tangled!

5, from the point of view of today's traffic, every day about 10-20 yuan investment, a few hundred to a few thousand IP is not a problem, but a very high accuracy can not say so-so OK!

to sum up:

1, the article is not a fine should be the same as before?

2, or the template should be adjusted so that the content to show on some more? ?

3, calculated at cost, can accept, then engage in a! Do not counseling!

4, did not seem!

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