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A few words, just say a few words

Thursday on February 6th, 2020Life

Blog writing rarely broken language, may be too busy recently, had these words should be used microblogging hair, because of the recent busy, microblogging silent, wood passion, since it did not say, say it here a .


win7 into piracy, when buying books is genuine vista system, later upgraded, and because all sorts of bloated, reinstall the system, the original installation disk is still 50 thousand kilometers outside, so he used the Internet to download, actually recently background black screen, and a few days did not go with it, anyway, the books installed four systems, winxp, win7, win8, ubutun, like what went into which occasionally win8 Dances, mostly with winxp, winxp like driving in performance better and better, because the lazy, did not activate each time into the win7 sleep today, download windows loader, to directly activate, remember a few days ago download a good number of activation tools do not work, the last screen axis is too bad books , and calculate also spent four years, but next time you will not buy books selected design Lenovo y530 uncapped, obviously pretty useless.

Cellular phone

Brush rom the old law, because the brush is too fast, and later learned that the old law so things are not careful, the conference made so grand, if actually made a commitment to not sound too rom so we had fun, well, once the toss, i9300 brush back quickly and went to the Hong Kong version. Later saw s4 out, his hand feels good, it is estimated tempted, in the hands of the machine is not afraid to cultivate good feelings will give up, if you screen s4 another big point, I guess not considered. Now ios7 out, 4th generation ipod old hands have been behind the progress, and intend to change five generations, although the same usage, just fancy Apple's software market, Apple's software Dances occasionally enjoy Apple's technology, but there is a thought ipad, enough to try, but there are large, small and easy to carry out.


Because of the space business to remind my blog cpu accounted for much, so would function while maintaining what I want, optimize, did not expect just the opposite, to come up with a problem, because there is no moment found, bought a theme under anger, found or to change it back, change up real trouble, or continue to go back to his theme, not ready to play tricks tricks, what accounts for resources, it ripped off, for Jane, to concentrate on blogging.


Breath recently signed two projects, some tired the next day, but a person can not do two things at the same time, the day or time will not change, so do I can do a day or so over , tired of nothing, it should be more active activity.


Eat and bite his lip, on those few places, often injured, the next meal can not be cranky, and remember once I was advised to eat do not speak, should enjoy the meal. Since relatives, exercise stopped, my fitness program to be reopened.


I hope we can really deal with, do not be hypocrites, be polite and generous, do not be selfish, or blame other people ignore you, do not treat you as relatives, do not benefit too seriously, do anything parallelism to each other, on their own people really, I will remember you, will always be in my heart.


Long time no contact, everyone busy with their own, but I hope we do not forget friends, we stand the test of time, as long as there have been friendships, they last forever.


Son is about to come, to return home shortly after birth, and has not seen more than three years, and is now living Ben bounce kid, very naughty, a few days you can play with him, think about all happy ah.


Quite late, I go to sleep, later pulled.

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