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Annual leave the taste of the New Year

Thursday on February 6th, 2020Life

Few on the blog recently, major companies are more busy recently things, just to learn to come back in a hurry with the good stuff Copy over others, so these two days in the "hurry" the production.

From the afternoon off work today, we officially began to take annual leave, and February 1 closing off, counted over a 12-day holiday, three days less than in previous years, the market situation is determined, in fact, full of expectations early work morning classes means may earn some of Money.

Soon the New Year, here I wish you a Happy New Year in advance Friends of Bo, you have to return home under the home in two days to go to the New Year, at all times to visit relatives, playing cards gradually getting smaller, and this estimate is today visit tomorrow to catch the next one, so it feels nothing will be time to write a blog, think my dad is here 9 brothers and sisters, my mom 7 brothers and sisters over there, plus there now and my young married woman, uh-huh, nothing really time to write a blog, but there is still time to see the blog.

We will start the New Year every year from all over the home, just for a family reunion, traffic jams from two days to get a glimpse of the city, and usually do not block the road began to crowd up, and red lanterns municipal projects is also climbed a tree shoot, sit around and wait nightfall, that touch of festive lights. (Family) this thing is amazing, would go our separate ways people together, no matter the road further away, after all, there must be read to. This time of year, our family, too, with Sichuan as saying that "Uncle, Niang Niang, sister, sister, brother," who began to home, probably my home country is that we have set in the center of taste, because the annual gathering They are in my house, to eat had to grow in a round-table 7-8 is enough tables to sit, very festive.

Since New Year's Day stickers in the spring, but that day has not estimated here at home, so tomorrow morning, I'm not ready to have already bought the "scrolls" and "Fu" character to put up every year whether or home country new home city, I will be labeled, so that it can always feel the taste of the New Year.


Good luck

Joyful people Xing Xing career;

Wang Fu-Cai Wang luck.

Tomorrow officially take false, which means I can get up tomorrow morning after the Spring Festival couplets paste can continue to sleep a return feel, think and feel it very interesting, and you can also stay up late tonight, catch a play about her.

Spoken of years, where you have no custom of New Year's Eve night out of the bus, ah, in our home, every New Year's Eve day 0:00 into the first day, firecrackers, and then out of the bus, his own family car open out to run a few kilometers and then go home, then run the feng shui are looking for direction after a determined look, I did not understand why to do this, but vaguely impressed hear Dad say, for this year's proceeds smoothly Lee, towards the smooth direction to go, but the father is no longer out of the bus this year, but I still would take the father out of the bus, possibly behind so I am old, my children will take me out of the bus of.

Although the official start of fake tomorrow, but here in the house had to be the day for the home is to be a big sweeping health years ago, a young married woman and then go over there, and other young married woman vacation, young married woman to go home with their children New Year. I wrote here, like Xiao Zhou Zhou baby, Time flies, Xiao Zhou Zhou immediately 1 year old, and I did miss a lot of wonderful it grow, but fortunately there are micro believe this stuff, I put her mother, grandmother is each baby shot moments are preserved, after the recall is a sort of honey.

In fact, the more the feeling grew less then some of the expectations of taste, but also look forward to, but also want to elders, siblings who get together, there we are busy with their own lives, less cohesive than the time, every year this time we will have time to talk about his deeds, conveniently slide down to increase affection.

Now the New Year is also a thing that could not get rid of, that is, "Alumni Association" and does not know when starting, my micro-channel group chat list, highlight the group more out of primary school students, junior high school students group, the group of high school students, but no group of university students, this time of year, will receive a gathering of students in the group ask others initiated, I went after one or two, it did not go up, suddenly feeling a lot of students are not necessarily together and chat content is of the bad, from primary school to university graduate study career, the only year the students will also want those years is a university dormitory of our eight brothers, a fixed annual unshakeable gathering to talk about something very pure, almost no any interest doping thing, this friendship is very small, I deserve to cherish!

Write feeling a bit messy, perhaps you think of where you wrote there, come on "2020"!

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