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Truly understand that the people under the eaves, had to bow Yeah

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

??????? hard to describe, no two days are the Internet Bowen night. Not my fault, I do not insist, but for various reasons. My net is pulled from a colleague came home. At that time also I wrote "ShareAssistant (cracked version) ADSL Internet sharing software" Share colleagues to share Internet access methods do not leave the unit live, on the Internet I am a man, very comfortable, very comfortable. But after school, my colleagues came and took dial-up password changed, I would not get up. Alas, today to prepare yourself a broadband connection.

??????? man under the eaves, had to bow. Why should we bow, why not come out, rise, chest, on his own net, and let people talk.

??????? When is it whining, also considered the article.

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