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The correct standard of mountain bike riding position

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

First, the easiest to adjust the cushion angle. Cushion angle substantially to maintain the level, mostly due to the current market cushion pad surface is curved surface, visually may not be accurate, it is possible to acquire a long ruler on the seat, then caught the eye visual level so much easier.

However cushion angle was by no means Siban Ban. For example, some people riding After the car often complain crotch pain, this may be the tip of the cushion pressure caused by excessive, this is the seat of the nose can be slightly adjusted down a bit, this can mitigate the crotch part the pressure, especially in the uphill time. On the contrary, some people are not very long uphill ride, but love washed down break fun, but when you want to control the red downhill because of gravity, the rider often in the rear seat cushion on moving, then best to cushion the nose up a little Yang a few degrees, while the lower seat tube height, body flexibility to do so on time will help cushion the downhill.

Again it is to set the height of the seat cushion. The bicycle seat height is set in the most important part, especially with the knee injury and contribute Tacai closely. Cushion is too high a knee injury prone, but the center of gravity is too high also prone to accidents; too low not to step on the pedal force, with long-term poor posture stampede will have a bad impact on the knees and legs. Only the correct seat height can really play its due pedaling efficiency, and has the most correct without harming healthy body posture stampede, and not only will not radish legs, but also modified legs Oh!

The knee is the most frequently used parts of the body when the sport of cycling, but also the most vulnerable, the most vulnerable parts. When I walked around each leg, the knee will be active once so frequent action, if the method of force, direction or position is not correct, it's easy to make knee injuries, life can not even ride ( many knee injuries are difficult to recover will come), so be careful job!

Set the seat height is often listen to what some experts say (crotch length * 0.885) How to measure how the? In fact, you do not plan when a player, I really do not need to do a simple thing as complicated. Beginners as long as the first heel on the pedal, then step on a few, slowly adjust the seat height, until standing on the lowest point just hit the knee straight (Figure B1), this time the seat height has been pretty close up! With such a standard seat height, and then returned to the original standard feet depressed position, this way, the knee at the lowest point of the depression will naturally have a little bending (FIG B2), such a gesture may be stretched both depression something to contribute, will not let the knee injury again when the stampede. Of course, if all of a sudden novice can not used to such high riding position, this may be a lower standard seat height and then, two centimeters, or even three or four centimeters, or in the acceptable range.

When setting the height of the seat cushion to pull the most taboo too high (so that the seat height to make the knee straight and when the stampede (Figure B3), is a very dangerous action! Sports such as cycling legs frequently as required stampede rotary action, then if it is so that the knees straight, not only will have a stepping point Dayton, affecting the continuity of the stampede, but the knee when playing straight and very hurt knee and leg ligaments. Although the cushion will be pulled there is a straight shot pedaling force of illusion, as if to this position in order to step out, but it is not, whether muscular or very easy to hit straight knee injured when worn at the knees. so one thing to remember! cyclists pedaling Never let the knee is not playing straight.

Seat height not be too low, typically not used since the high center of gravity beginners riding position, it will tend to drop down height, and pulled too much, so riding squatting posture stretched leg strength will not open (e.g. Figure B4), although some peace of mind when cycling (because of the low center of gravity, and the soles of the feet can be standing on the ground of reason), but not open stretch of thigh, leg, and knee more than make you ride fast, are likely to cause prolonged down muscle and joint wear. Therefore, I recommend here, or to connect your standard seat height to find out, after a few centimeters can be slightly reduced, getting used to change the center of gravity, and then little by little (half a centimeter or a centimeter) adjusted upward, has been to find that not only can make you feel at ease self-confidence, but also take into account the stampede to contribute, and to avoid bodily injury good location

In fact, before and after the position of the cushion is also a great relationship with the knee, but often the most easily overlooked one. General bikers or car shop often pretty ugly? Cool or not cool? And other factors to determine the appearance of the front and rear seat position, so that is very wrong. Before and after the position of the seat, and the seat height also affect the knee is very huge, so be careful when setting fishes.

Set cushion before and after location is actually quite simple: to sit on the seat, put the foot on the right pedal position (Figure C1) and then step on a few months, then put the pedal to the level, which is below the knee of the front leg hanging point just to the vertical line through the center position of the pedal (i.e., the pedal shaft), thus completing (Figure C2)! If no vertical line, it is necessary to adjust the position of the seat cushion sequentially through the center position of the pedal. (Figure C3) location is too front seat, and FIG C4 is too back, front or rear seat position too will affect the output of the pedaling legs, knees and wear is also closely related, so we can not accidentally.

This position is certainly not dead, but there is some flexibility: If the position again behind a little bit, you can make better and more directly contribute to the thigh, fit like Bigfoot stepped on the way of higher power macho type; if the location is a little further in front can be dyed knee and lower leg swing more smoothly, she would like for speed friends (stepping contribute smaller, but fast pedaling speed number). However, both the forward and backward movement of the position are not more than the standard position for more than 2.5 cm, more than words could easily hurt the knee and the muscles.

General riders most common mistakes is to put the seat back position too (Figure C4), seem to be able to do so burning car look more handsome cool, stampede that seems more likely to have a solid sense of the kind of stampede, but the results of this exercise hard, in fact, on the long run will be damaged when the knee.

When the length of the counterweight height adjusting tap weight is mainly pressed on the bicycle, but also affect the flexibility of manipulation. When normal riding, I should be evenly distributed in the body weight of the golden triangle cycling: are the upper handle, and a foot cushion (Figure D3). Seldom ride or not to ride exercise habits, not good due to the use of the upper body muscle groups, not the waist to regular exercise, it will not consciously made the faucet handle position close to tall (close to the body), let riding posture seems as usual sitting position (Figure D2). But this seems technology may actually make the rich natural posture of the body weight is too focused on the cushion, and assigned to handle the weight but did not go beyond. Although such a setting a start can feel very natural and comfortable, but most of the body weight on the seat, riding long after the hip because the pressure is too large and uncomfortable, but also easy to cross at the site will be numb a feeling of. In addition, as this too will make the spine upright riding position of the rider directly to the ground came impact it will have back pain after a long time, over time the body is actually very good. So the set mixer height and length, do not blindly want to shorten the faucet heightening; on the contrary, to be set regarding the proper leading position, allowing the body to be able to share a little weight to the upper body and arm muscles . Although because of the relationship side of the muscle groups are seldom used, it is easy to feel more tired and weak at the outset, but once or twice riding a car, and use the strength of this muscle group after the habit, pain discomfort the feeling goes away. So be sure to keep in mind when setting the length of the Golden Triangle ride height of 333 leading counterweight principle.

The length of the leader will vary depending on the length of the tube car vary. Since the length of each tube car is different, it is not a fixed length leading figure. Tap weight is too short, then the pressure on the front wheel is not easy, easy to manipulate some floating feeling during riding, when the front wheel is relatively easy uphill float, hazardous or disrupt the rhythm, and upper body strength will not have a display open feeling; the contrary, it will put too much weight too long tap on the front wheels, in addition to the manipulation will be in the way, when the center of gravity is too downhill front and rear wheel load is not easy to float or lead to lack of grip, on riding safety will be greatly reduced, upper body stretch will increase too tired feeling. So select the appropriate length is often the leading car is set to be the most part, but also stores the most difficult adjustment, but most consumers are not likely to immediately feel the effects of a setting.

So, professional bicycle shops must be prepared for a variety of leading consumer set length or change the election. Can properly handle saws short tube ride cushion can also be adjusted easily using the quick-release or tool, with the exception of a leader is to have the trouble of replacement, is not easy to adjust the handling parts. However, we must not be afraid of trouble, a little to find their most suitable for the job of leading the length of height!

The brake angle

You must first learn to ride stopped the car in front, which is the brake. This is the first step in safe riding. The brake lever point of view of course, will play a key role.

When the brake lever is generally set to be between 35-45 degrees, a rider, back of the hand and forearm can prevail draw (FIG E1). If the angle between the back of the hand and the forearm bending (FIG E2) or recurved (Figure E3) too, have said handle wrong angle, readjust obtained.

Right brake lever arm angle allows the palm of your hand muscles can be the most comfortable, but also the most rapid reaction force. Remember, stop the car, which is the brake, it is riding a bicycle

Safety first step. To brake a little hands on the best and most natural position, so the opportunity to encounter the risk of accidents when to make a minimum.

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