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Fall in love in the second season

Monday on February 24th, 2020Life

When I was young, I still had to pay off the debts I owed to China.

Under the obstruction of Wanchong, I overcame the pressure of both study and Se, completed the May Day homework ahead of time, bought steam and Neil at the first time, and then played a few chapters to feel satisfied. Then I came to think of it by chance, ah, I haven't finished the second disease in this series, 2333 has been delayed for a long time

After watching the second season of Zhonger disease without guilt and guilt, I think I used to like watching love for a while, but today I still think I like watching love like shaozhan, college fleet and KC. The reason may be that the inner emptiness has been filled by friends, so from seeing the love that will cure you to seeing the one that will be happy/excited. But I still think that I will do the wrong thing 100% when I am impulsive.

After the introduction of the new character "seven palaces" from the theatre version of last season's memories, the relationship between Fu tanyong and bird Liuhua is a breakthrough. Compared with the first season, when establishing relationships and overcoming difficulties, there are also some daily activities. I think the second official is also to shift the focus, so he sent all the things that Yongtai's parents and Liuhua's family should send away, leaving Liuhua and Yongtai under the eaves. But as soon as two high school students, one male and one female under the eaves, it is easy to develop into Lifan, so he left Zhangye to watch him Two. I think all the characters in it are cute. 2333 is the same as Shanggu Menglu in Sanhua ceremony. 2333

So when it comes to love, I think plot arrangement and emotional rendering are the most important. This BGM is not surprising, but the painting inherits the tradition of Gianni and is gorgeous in some important paintings. There's nothing to boast about this one. It's just a general one. In the works of Gianni, it's the kind that I think is more common. Bingo's words still have riddle solving and classical music as selling points. In this work, anyway, the setting of Zhonger disease makes me embarrassed across the screen.

In terms of character setting, it's unnecessary to say that the birds of No. 2 middle school swim in Liuhua and the rich and brave women who have graduated as the protagonists. They are the key to the plot. It's also not necessary to talk about the family who never showed up in the second season, nor about the school teachers. However, in other supporting actors, I don't think I got the point that Takeda Shihui, who wrote the script, wanted to express. More or less, the characters in the plot should serve the center, and they should neither make noise or make people smack their tongue. First of all, I think this role is a little strange when I say that the friends of fuyuyongtai are all sincere. As the protagonist's friend, if he analogizes Bingguo, a friend who claims that databases can help the protagonist, such as fukubu Lizhi, I think the existence of integrity is to make fun of the fact that he can't catch up with fennel sister and be forgotten as funny materials. Besides, I can't find any other reasons. I think the second season, especially the drama focusing on the love between the two people Love, suddenly let a sincere online funny words may be a little abrupt.

Then talk about the persistent fennel sister. It's strange to come up with this name. The full name of Xuejie is fennel on May 1. It's a rare name with date as surname in anime. Of course, not counting the spring dream 2333 in it, which is also similar to Bingguo, I think this character is a bit similar to the existence of Yiyuan Mayer flower. Fennel sister in the official setting is never in love with pure sister. However, compared with the main function of being funny and sincere, when facing the inner heart of the seventh house, you can still say "love is like a dream, if you wake up forcefully, it will become bad" which makes people admire.

But Dan Shenggu and convex Shou, these two kissed CP, the former as the peacemaker and relative gossip character of the two protagonists in love, for the development of the two love or plays an extremely important role. I think friends' words are the most influential. From anime, we can see that Liuhua has also received a lot of news from Dansheng valley. On the other hand, Yongtai is the same. It's the lubricant between two people. 2333 hehe 2333. The latter's effect is almost 2333. Maybe it's too slippery compared with Dansheng valley. After all, it's only one year higher

There's nothing to say in the next seven palaces. In the first season, the two protagonists made a contract for their lovers in the form of the middle two, but the middle two disease has become the biggest gap in their development. At the end of the second season, we can also learn from liuhuakou that, even if she has become a lover, Yongtai's impression of Liuhua still stays at the time of secondary illness, thinking that she will be happy with the black things, and Yongtai once said "I didn't expect you to think so far". So this kind of contradiction from the seventh house naturally became the biggest driving force for the development of their love. This character also leads me to my opening remark. After all, the seventh palace is the second master of Yongtai. Therefore, the seventh Palace also liked Yongtai. However, even after graduation, the second debt of this young age still needs to be paid back.

The biggest regret of this play may be that it has been totally sincere and seven palaces. One of them has been chasing for a long time and the other has not been able to hold on to it. In the end, it's all time pots. Of course, time can't save all sincerity. There's no way. This is life

Well, that's the play. I think it's just like falling in love

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