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To the 18-year-old

Monday on February 24th, 2020Life

Look, I'm 18 in less than two hours. I can have a bank card with my own name. However, in addition, I seem to have a lot to say to myself. As a young self, I want to leave some gifts for the future.

When it comes to birthdays, perhaps the biggest headache is to be afraid of gifts. Although I am good at talking on the Internet, it is really difficult to deal with interpersonal communication in reality. Fortunately, few people remember my birthday at school, but it's just "almost". Among them, I predicted that there would also be the girl in the previous class (the one who gave me voice blessing in the last casual writing 46 on the mirror) to congratulate, others may have it, maybe the previous Chinese teacher will also remember, in addition, there are some friends of the same sex, which don't need to worry about, in addition, I don't care about others.

So the problem comes. It's OK for men to say that they usually chat a lot and it's easier to celebrate their birthday. But what about girls? What's more, her birthday is just after my birthday. If she wants to give a gift, I must pay it back - even if she doesn't give a gift, I also want to give her a gift. The reason seems to be very literary and artistic: she has repeatedly brought me back to reality when I am floating, and she is a person who can open my deep thinking. But let me go to the door alone and call people out to give presents. It's more deadly than letting me run 1500 meters. And the only chance is to hope that when she congratulates me on my birthday tomorrow, I will wish her a happy birthday ahead of time. As for gifts, there's nothing to take. It's just a six faceted 2cm square prism. I think this thing is very suitable for daze. There are different colors in the note under the light. It's very beautiful. I think she might like it.

It's not the first time I've been so bothered with a girl, if I can call it that. I can't remember the things in primary school. At that time, I was a little boy. If I didn't understand P, I wouldn't mention it. To junior high school, it seems that there is also a vague plot, although the word is so written, but this matter is more clear in my heart than anyone else. This year, when I sent a message to that person, I probably didn't remember me. Well, since we are no longer in touch, there is no need to explain. It's just this birthday message. Maybe I will send it again next year. Who knows? I can't even feel my temper clearly. Just be casual.

Let's go back to the past. It's a rite of passage after your birthday. A deadly letter from parents - the school requires parents to write a letter to students, but my parents, it seems, do not want to write it by themselves. I must go to the Internet to check that one for him, so I probably understand. What the parents did was so ignorant that I couldn't indulge in it any more. Even if someone is sad, I don't care - I think it's very important to seek something for my future, even if I have to leave my parents temporarily; maybe it's not to leave. After all, it's not to cut off contact. If any party wants to, they can meet again at any time. Sometimes environment has a great influence on people. I have summed up a word called environmental resistance. It seems that you originally planned to do something on the weekend, but when it comes to the weekend, you don't want to move even when you see your family's laziness. It's hard to resist this kind of infection. I think it comes from the deep explanation of human genes for the nature of social animals. And I, ashamed, am also a person. I probably can't struggle in such an environment, so I always want to get rid of it. I thought about these words for a long time, but I didn't say them to my parents after all - because it was too hurtful. Although I often ignore other people's feelings, but this time is to think more. On the way after that, it seems that there are many things that can't be controlled by one principle and should be considered carefully.

So far, it's nearly 20 minutes before I'm going to be an adult. This year, I feel that many things and positions have been subverted overnight. The world is becoming more and more dangerous. We have to strive to survive, grow, and change the bad things.

Today, I am writing the comprehensive quality evaluation manual of Gao Zhaoban, the column of self-evaluation of personality development, as follows:

The overall situation is relatively good. In the three years of high school life, despite the hardships and many other things, but in the past 1000 days and nights, my personality has not been destroyed. To be exact, it has developed. Although my personality is a troublesome problem for some people, it is an indispensable part of my 18 years of life. This is a precious treasure of mine and a precious character in today's materialistic society. I am satisfied with the development of high school, and I will continue to keep it, develop it and radiate it.

If I read these articles again in the future (I don't have these habits now, maybe I won't have them in the future, but who's right?) Please remember. At the age of 18, I am a person who wants to do what I can to benefit my friends and change the bad situation - not only myself and my friends, but also the world. Now I can't care about the world, but I have made up my mind that I should at least protect all the people I see and protect their smiles. If one day in the future, you are discouraged and forget the beginning

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