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Talk about reading

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

This article was originally written yesterday, because the site is moving direct shift the day before the backup data, so we did not move over. In addition there are a few comments that bloggers are also out. Wanderer say to help me recover, but did not want to bother him, today I would write one!

"Hair do not know Diligence early, white square regret later reading." This sentence before vaguely remember, the day before yesterday at his alma mater in promotional stalls again see this sentence, it is the title of Big Read activities. Student understanding of this poem is only the surface, now nearly forty years, for he had a more profound understanding. Fortunately, no white head.

With increasing age, more and more small reading experience of the consequences. When friends get together to talk astronomy, geography, cultural history, you can only listen in stunned silence that, could not get the words. On the other hand experience is a profound education of their children, when the children ask the meaning of the words, the most frequent response is, "I come at Baidu." A significant amount of knowledge can not feel now better adapt to society.

When New Year's Eve to buy a kindle, far less than three books to read cards. The first is a "human weakness", before the family has this paper books, but did not read, and spent 1.99 yuan bought from the mall read. This is the second best-selling list to see the front of the mall "three-body", and the author is also now fire "wandering the Earth" author, then download from a forum to kindle in, really, I spent three days after reading the first time, feeling a little bit tired but feeling no harvest, second, third did not look down after reading. Now look at the third of this is "terrible twos" because it is the home of the girl this age, books childcare or need more study.

Reading still can not "go with the flow", you must first know what this type of books they need, arrange some of the books they want to read to do a reading plan. To force myself to use before going to bed an hour to school every day. Bought a kindle are better able to take advantage of idle time broken up in your pocket everywhere to be seen.

On their current level, we are not afraid of a joke, prepared from required reading in elementary school reading literary works from the beginning, to find some of it the humanities and history classes. Anyway, this is only the benefits of reading, always remember - Good Books!

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