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Ordinary World: people aspiring to be, only worthwhile for people

Tuesday on February 18th, 2020Life

Zhou Guoping once said: "Everything on earth is not ordinary, ordinary life should be measured by the value of what a great wonderful success are not only the ordinary life really is too good, life is successful.."

"Ordinary World" is mainly deployed by the two sons Chia, Shaoan, Sun Shaoping life trajectory. Sun is a double-thick water village relatively poor people. Basic necessities of life, everything is worse than others, may at this home, with the fate of a few extraordinary people.

Sun thick eldest son Shaoan. The finished elementary school, because the family can not afford the costs he and his brother continued to go to school, Shaoan age of thirteen he followed his father worked in the fields, work points earned by labor, and the father and mother jointly carry this home. Shaoan their love - Tian Runye prohibitive, identity, status, family gap, so that the two young men could have happily together dismantled. It can be said Shaoan is strangling the fate of the throat, and people continue to move forward. An encounter less Xiulian, she did not care whether the money less security identity and status, a shrewish girl Shanxi, the two marry well together. In the reform period, Shaoan seize the opportunity to run from the brick factory. While business is booming, the crisis has also been coming, brick face closure, while he owed the wages of the villagers, under the joint support and companionship is the Xiulian and their families, to stand up, to the success of the loan money, reopened brick plant, received more orders, pay off the bill, and gave parents purchase a new house.

Sun Shaoping second son, student life, poor people go rather poor. Although eating vegetables daily minimum grade propylene, she suffered other people's cynicism and countless eyes. He loved books, love reading, can often find themselves in the world of the book, the material life, although poor, but very rich spiritual world. He did not go to college after graduation, but unwilling to be at home, generations were farmers. He was determined to go out and work from a small Chinese football, against the sun, shouting embrace the work of Han, then became a workers' state coal mining enterprises, urban household registration. Coal miners dark life, but he is full of fighting spirit and strength under difficult conditions, material deprivation environment, has been learning, keep moving. Whether a person's spiritual life enrichment, saying whether it makes sense to speak, depends on his attitude to labor. Sun Shaoping is such a labor of love, who had become young people's self-improvement.

Sun Shaoping sincere kindness, let Tian Xiaoxia fell in love with him. Sun Shaoping did not like his elder brother, the gap between the two men did not care about family, identity, sexual gratification, love sweetheart. Tian Xiaoxia, Shengruxiahua. Because rescue a little girl in the flood sacrifice, in his early bloom Love formal XX, never left this world, this short life, confirms Tagore's famous saying: Shengruxiahua flowers and death like autumn leaves the quiet beauty.

Even then the simple life, as long as there is hope, have a nice day soon. Life, in addition to never-ending struggle, as well as to suffer a strong heart, and do not give up the spirit of uncompromising struggle.

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