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Buy a new laptop Lenovo small new PRO13

Tuesday on February 18th, 2020Life

Late-night series of code words again.

No. 11 was traveling back from Gulin, also sat at home not to hot, and today they are called Chengdu learning, which should be the last 19 years studying the lunar calendar, and then learning on the New Year, This is not good!

Prior to basically ride from Chengdu to Luzhou Longchang transferred to Chengdu high-speed railway, from nearly two hours on OK, this time listening to my colleagues, "rumors" do carpool, he believed in ghosts a bad old man's ass gave me take the pain, although carpool to send me to the place I need to go, but time is too long, almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon from Luzhou to my stay Yizhou Avenue side of the hotel, a full sit 8 points over before that, I have a mood to die, to be a major driver of a delivery, so the slope of a waste of time, or take the next high-speed rail, would rather not take the subway turn a carpool.

Back to the topic, a few days ago my wife gave me that want to change the laptop, she recently began to need to use more computer time, but before the computer or her college time to buy, for seven years, is not convenient to carry and performance die, home desktop and fixed, so asked me to stand looks good, thin and light notebook.

Based on her needs is to edit word, excel, browsing the web, watching movies these areas, so I chose a Lenovo's "little new PRO13 ADM 'version of the thin and light for her. By contrast there are "66 Hewlett-Packard war", "Huawei MateBook 13" Both, integrated down, finally chose PRO13, because the war only 66 resolution 1080P, color gamut only NTSC45?and up and down the border is three widest, and not one glass panel, greatly reduced color values, memory 8G, solid 256G, this view is too little, but the advantage is that the processor is arranged I5 + MX250, plus memory and hard drive can be upgraded; MateBook13 slightly better , 2K resolution, lust 100?RGB, memory 8G, solid 512,3500U low-voltage U, a point of difference processor, memory, a little small, but wins on the screen and appearance, but always do feel than the old phone brand notebook manufacturers, whether in technology or sale of this piece almost always be, so it pass, finally By contrast ratio, chose PRO13, its argument is CPU 3500H is standard pressure for not playing the game for the young married woman , enough, dual channel memory DDR4 16G, the latter can not upgrade war for many years, 2.5k of 100?RB screen, it is important that the ratio of 16:10, and therefore will show more than any other notebook And in the same size is the smallest size, easy to carry, in their solid state 512, the appearance is good, type-c interfaces fully functional, charge off, infrared face recognition, the others have.

The machine is a single day before 23:00 at noon today to get, just getting me play for a while in the afternoon came to Chengdu tonight to write this article is to use the machine to complete, compared Hp my previous Spectre x360, this machine around the 4200 price to win (coupon), still feel very values, in a few hours of use, and give my feelings


2.5K resolution screen 1,100?RGB is really amazing, compared to 75?TSC of Spectre I, is also very amazing

2,16G DDR4 Samsung's memory, is indeed better than my previous notebook resistant to some of the

3,512G Samsung NV solid, speed did not have to say

16: 10 screen than my 16: 9 screen to see more content, experience better, and screen high proportion of basic accounting over the entire screen, cool

4, compact appearance, moderate weight, but my spectre contrast, that was a little thick, but not overly, after all, the price out there

5, long life time, from what I have been using until now almost five hours, watching movies, browsing the web, typing and so on, until the power consumption by 31?6, mute, substantially hear the voice of the fan, for


1, keyboard keys are really short, I'm really not suited

2, interfaces, two type-c interface to a USB3.1GEN interfaces in type-c is not universal time, really feel too little

3, AMD processors do worse than INTER still are some, I do not know Lenovo and AMD did not adjust good reason or something, always feel open and consequently a beat slower than INTER (on behalf contrast to I5 8)

To conclude, this thin and light is very fragrant, beautiful appearance, good screen, big solid, large memory, about the same CPU, really fragrant price, so individuals or referrals.

Of course, this book can be mild to deal with some files on the design, but what you want to render the video, it is better not expect, after all, the set was this stuff on the way, but this game LOL mild or nothing problem, but the keyboard feel, the external keyboard or play a game of it.

Finally, also like to say a yes, buy this light of this, it is certainly necessary type-c docking station, and mouse Bluetooth mouse is best!

"Little new PRO13" look appreciation

"Little new PRO13" contrast "Hp Spectre X360"

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