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Hunting poison people: very moving narcotics police

Thursday on February 13th, 2020Life

Long before I saw Yi recommend "hunting poison people," ancient and modern blog above this drama, the group's wolf t, also said that the drama is good, I will hold curiosity, search, after all, I would have liked to see this gangster film. Just 8.1 finale, today, three days and a half, let me put this 50 sets watching the drama.

Let me think shocking is participating staff of the show. In and Wei, play the male lead, played by Lv Yunpeng, a personable, Dr. chemical appearance of a gentleman; Xiubo, played Lvyun Fei, Lv Yunpeng's biological brother, anti-drug brigade sent Golden Triangle special situations, unfortunately expose the identity, persecution, and his wife, children, the enemy also suffered retaliation; Hou Sharapova dreams, played by Jiang Yinan, like Lvyun Peng, also an anti-narcotics police. There are also familiar Xuhong Hao, Zhang Danfeng, Fucheng Peng, Xu Zheng, Wang Jinsong ......

Why drugs called drugs? Lvyun Peng explained like this: drug poisoning people's minds, spirit, so it is called drugs.

The play can be divided into two parts, in order to reach the Myanmar Lvyun Peng Chuan is time node, before that, was vengeance Lvyun Peng, and after that, is Lvyun Peng thought had a higher level of consciousness of the time. Originally thought only to his big brother and little nephew peak revenge, figuring out ways to kill the murderer scorpions. In the process, we get to know the poisonous ghost Zhao Yi, Zhao Yi, a former policeman, to drug abuse in the temptation of others, become drug addicts. Follow Lv Yunpeng, he earned a lot of money, they gradually become real brothers. When Lvyun Peng incarnation drug dealers to trade with the devil, Zhao Yi was taken away by a scorpion, the temptation of drugs coupled with torture, determined not to reveal the slightest news, in its death throes, the die slowly. Personally think that this is the first place most moving place, Xuhong Hao Zhao Yi will be such a righteous image interpretation of the head.

In cooperation with the anti-drug brigade, robbery living scorpions, scorpion although Truman was finally killed, but finally avenged. When Lvyun Peng learned that Truman Chutian Nan Lv Yunfei command killed when his heart, to think of going to Burma River, the campaign against Truman, kill Chutian Nan.

Chutian Nan, then watched the entire show, you will find that he is an extremely cautious, especially suspected heart heavy drug lords, does not allow anyone to betray him. Had personally killed his son, under the influence of interests, I see a just want money, lost humanity devil. Chutian Nan's daughter, Chu Ying, just out of time, I naively thought she was an educated, good people, but when she took a pistol and killed a traitor Truman, she is also a special terrible woman, murderous woman; when was brought to court and tried in the Chutian Nan Ying Chu, Chu Ying insisted that everything Truman has nothing to do with her, pretended not to kill, the Truman crime push all of the evidence to her father who, at a time when the Chutian Nan, is a long-stroke, hemiplegia, the words are difficult to bad old man.

The second most moving place in Myanmar River. Lvyun Peng and Jiang Yinan identity facing exposure, Myanmar River in search of people from China to the police (Jiang Yinan), then, Weihai, anti-drug brigade deputy captain, one person alone to the police station locally controlled Truman, disclose their identity, and ultimately were shot, Lvyun Peng and Jiang Yinan fighting back tears buried him.

In the "hunting poison people," we saw an unusual police. In fact, he is not the police, but because of her brother's murder, from "The Avengers" into "undercover" in the completion of the mission and tasks of the police, sneaked into the Golden Triangle with drug lords, has become a veritable "lone hero" . This is in and played Lvyun Peng Wei, also the play out of color, carefully written, a white-collar workers had to walk into the city feasting even say downright "warm middle-aged men" suddenly after after a kill became a cold and stubborn "the Avengers" can be said Lvyun Peng is a "grassroots heroes" he could be the envy of Prof. Dr. chemical and can be done in the comfort of his dream laboratory, the brother's sacrifice and drug cartels thousands of miles away to kill completely changed his life, so he put down the pen, picked up the gun, and the bones of the stubborn people love his brother embarked on a path of vengeance.

"Hunting poison people" to our interpretation, not just criticism of drugs, drug traffickers, but also as a policeman, should have a sense of mission, responsibility, let us be moved, sing songs, whom praise for the tears, whom care.

At that time, you have only two choices, either to come forward and become a hero or become Gouqietousheng bear, so the hero is never born for no reason, must have been inspired in a moment of great humanity, so that an ordinary person in a He became an instant hero.

Finally, I think it is necessary to say something, "hunting poison people" in a minor role Li

Ji Chunhua, July 11, 2018 died of cancer, in the "Shaolin Temple" as bald eagles corner for the public to know, called "Gold villain." "Hunting poison people," it is his posthumous work.

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