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Animal World: man-made financial dead birds killed for food, to stick to the original mind

Thursday on February 13th, 2020Life

The wages of avarice is death. This is the best portrayal of the film in those outlaws.

This is adapted from a Japanese manga artist Nobuyuki Fukumoto comics creation "Kaiji" and a remake of the 2009 Japanese film of the same story of adventure, and unexpected, the remake was a success.

Movie Synopsis

Cheng Division (Li Yi Feng ornaments) because of being deceived and saddled friends on millions of debt, in the face of serious illness and mother's childhood infatuation waiting Liu (ZhouDongYu ornaments), he was determined to board the "Destiny" cruise, nothing to change their life. As long as win the game on the ferry, he will be the opportunity to write off debts and give his family a better life. This game may seem simple, participants only need to labeled a "rock, paper, scissors" poker as a prop to win the opponent's star sign. But the outlaws were on a cruise ship there is no bottom line to compete for fraud, but let human selfishness and cruelty exposed, Bureau Bureau dollars in total, the game field eventually become "Animal World" Colosseum.

Simple View

In fact, the film is a relatively burning brain, which was about poker skills, did not point the probability of knowledge, listen do not understand the entire process down, in addition to understanding the story, when the analysis of poker, and a look ignorant force, and this is taking into account the need good knowledge of mathematics, logical mind. Li Yi Feng Cheng, Secretary of play is not the father of an 8-year-old mother became a vegetative state, "small fry", but he is also his childhood sweetheart mouth said "yard smartest," which also won the game for his later success to do the groundwork. It is because of his childhood home has been hit hard, emotional excitement will soon bring people around to imagine a monster, but he is getting rid of a good and evil clown, so he often said he "sick mind" (beginning of the film said of).

As the mother in urgent need of medical expenses, and he is always embarrassed to own childhood for money, this time, Li Jun Cheng, Secretary for the students to come to his house said it needed to guarantee, to invest in real estate, you can make a small fortune, Li Jun wanted to talk about real estate secretly rolled his gambling, lose their heads, desperate Cheng, Secretary choose to accept the invitation Anderson (Michael Douglas ornaments), and boarded the cruise ship to participate in a gambling game, if the body can retire, he will be able to pay off all debts.

So he Shangliaozeichuan rules of the game is this:

People who participate in this game, each hand made 12 cards, Rock Paper Scissors a group of three, a total of four groups, wear three stars on his arm, to win the game to get a star from the opponent sleeves, lose a game out of a star, Samsung did not direct the immediate elimination.

Seemingly simple, as I said earlier, you need to logical thinking and theoretical knowledge of mathematics, mathematics slag me forget it. And this game has no rules (the old thousand may be cheating, in addition to the card can not be flushed down the toilet anything can be), winning condition is very simple: The game lasted 4 hours, after which time to hold hands 3 stars 0 cards, you can live disembark. Behind the evil beast. Forget the total number of people (much anyway), a cruise ship in the high seas, killing each other, Dudou. Cheng, Secretary for the start to be a little red in red clothes fool you, Little Red said, they are the same brand, as long as each of the same, will be able to break even, and has been this way, you can make cards consume, and their stars will not be deducted, so that you can successfully win the game. Alice Cheng, Secretary tried to let the sweetness of two innings, the third inning lied wrong order, the fourth game completely fell. Are greedy people, they all want to win extra star for last sold for $. After that he met Li Jun, also met a guy named Meng chubby, three people intend to partner to win. The middle of the process is not disclosed. To the end, Li Jun and chubby have three stars, you can disembark, Cheng, Secretary, however, because there are more than sixty cards, be eliminated, to be redeemed, and delivered Cheng, Secretary of the time, chubby go back, take away ransom stars, took the opportunity to sell, and Li Jun uttered that sentence: man-made financial dead birds feeding on dead. Beat ass leave. Next to the best part, no spoilers.

Finally, of course we protagonist Cheng, Secretary disembark smoothly, he said:

The fight battles I've fought, the way I have to go running to the end, I believe I own the channel to keep. Betrayal, fighting, not the bottom line, I want to turn into an animal, no! The game! I would rather do a lifetime Phi Jing chopped thorn clown, and never will become such a scum like you. The game is yours, I rule myself to be.

He also reunited with his childhood sweetheart, but it is the end of the movie he was eight years old and strikingly similar. The familiar whistle, the familiar cruise boss, to which Kacha gone, revealing the words: To be continued.

Reference watercress

One writer reprint watercress wrote:

Clown imagery

"The battles I have fought the fight, ran the road has run to an end, that I myself trying to keep track of."

At first appearance, I feel like Spider-Man and, even if in the end he redeemed the elderly feel that it is a symbol of justice, in human nature, deceit, greed, various animal before he will choose to stick with the purest of human nature, I never think that human nature is derogatory, above the beast is that we understand human compassion and justice.

Although he always said, "I am sick."

But the insinuation is: those greedy selfish, they have the disease. (address)

Although man-made financial dead birds killed for food, but in life there are people like Cheng, Secretary of the same stick to the original mind.

Finally Tucao

Domestic movie like this, a full advertising titles, XX Pictures, XX company, looks like foreign films not so much.

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