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White Snake: Origins: Simon no different routes, also Zhang Xiangshou

Thursday on February 13th, 2020Life

In between the late Tang Dynasty, National Division launched a large number of people snake. White Snake went to the assassination of the National Division of the accident amnesia, arrested snake village teenager rescued. To help the girls get back memory, they embarked on a period of adventure. Risky process so that the two feelings rapid warming, but the identity of the girl snake demon is gradually revealed, the other side of the division between the country and also Yizu inevitable war broke out, they would love to accept a huge challenge.

Before I did not watch this movie, I Tucao diffuse country is not good, after reading, really want to give the production team a point like this. Man With your country, quality is not bad.

As a romantic type of film, and this should be his girlfriend one, and, behold Danian twenty-nine night, five singles, a couple, seven of us in the cinema watching a movie. Five bachelor finished movie dog food, dog food and then eat my classmates.

"White Snake: Origins" tells the story of her husband on the I - love dispute Xu Xuan and white snake. With a snake as a village industry, snake village, by the National Division requires a lot of snakes to help their own practice, the village people are snake up the hill, only good-hearted Xu Xuan study medicine, not only did not catch the snake, and quite afraid snake. White Snake went to the orders of the master of the assassination National Division, without success, but lost his own memory, met Xu Xuan. Xu Xuan of this kind and restore memory to let the White Snake, go all the way to the manufacturing of Bob. White Snake and Xu Xuan way seduces the dark, gradually recovered memories, but the White Snake remember your mission, go to the assassination of the National Division, White Snake and Xu Xuan order together at the weakest become a demon, and the White Snake together assassination national division, and finally defeated the White Snake Master of ......

White Snake is really very pretty. Xu Xuan how else would like her? Ha joke, people are like a grain of truth. Setting the story very well. From the setting of the story we can see at the intentions of the movie screenwriter. Tang timeline and "outside the city of Yongzhou snake village", in fact, typical of the Tang Dynasty Famous everyone Liu "snake say." This is an original expression of society's dark, oppressive tax poison, and the "White Snake: Origins" diabolism chaos in the country, Dance Macabre situation, also showed a chaotic scene of the end of a dynasty.

Said Simon different routes, but this will not stop true love of people together. Past, Xu Xuan at all costs, will turn into a demon himself, became a demon, naturally and white together; next life, her husband, fell in love with white, the sea battle of wits, get married.

"The world is more than two feet of the wicked, what about long tails" - such straightforward lines, although simple, but influential. Simon Different Ways, guarded Heaven? Well, I'm just an ordinary mortal, can not act Guards, but I can become their own demon ah! This time, her husband's past life choice standing beside white snake fought side by side, is so just, so is the man!

Together to watch a couple of suggestions.

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