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Traffic accidents and subsequent mediation remember

Tuesday on February 18th, 2020Life

About three weeks ago, my mother had suffered unexpected calamities together. At that time, my mother was riding an electric car, wearing a helmet, normal running in the non-motor vehicle lane, but was behind a medium goods vehicle knocked over. At the time, vans drove into non-motorized vehicles sake of convenience, not honk to remind front staff when cornering, and found that non-payment of vehicle insurance this year.

After the accident, the first time the perpetrators did not get off to view the injury, but waited five minutes before it comes out. Requirements and compounding my mother, but my mother does not agree, requires police to the scene, and has been playing for time ...... hospital examination, the appearance of a severe bruises, muscle strain there is the electric car fell to overwhelm the body, the truck was not injured, but fortunately no injury to the bone, the doctor told him to be sitting or lying down, do not stand for a long time. Next is a long recovery time, every day is spraying "Yunnan Baiyao" medication, sitting at home, I naturally a lot of the burden of housework for my mother. During this period, the perpetrators repeatedly call my mother a couple of phone, asked to go to the accident as soon as possible mediation team, has the audacity to dress the weak say, "Have pity on those of us outsiders" ...... these unreasonable demands when my mother was a refutation. Even my mother asked to be in the hospital for physical therapy and physiotherapy, also go there to "harassment" over health care.

Recently, the team receiving the accident staff phone, ask my mother's injury, asked if the accident can be identified? My mother has always been kind, incident handling feel too long is not good, it is about time to go with me. The referee is equivalent to the role of the traffic police, the perpetrators and the victims of one of the party to reach an agreement, the referee does not require natural coordination; and could not agree on, you need to run for coordination referee gives a mutually acceptable conditions, it means the role of a "half-hearted" in. Because the perpetrators are foreigners, of no fixed abode, and did not pay vehicle insurance, the insurance company can not assist compensation. Coordinators recommended a one-time compensation in the form off. Expenses while they are recovering, only to block 1000, due to subsequent rehabilitation also requires a certain expenditure. In private to discuss, I made 5,000 yuan compensation, my mother had no money to outsiders, do not force other people's reasons put forward the claim to $ 3,000 gold ...... When we make specific claims for payment, the perpetrators immediately said he is not so much money, requires a further reduction point, I immediately raised his voice, and he said such words -

"3000 yuan is not much to tell the truth, the subsequent recovery still takes a long time to do physical therapy once a necessary 150 dollars. Your family has asked 'Have mercy on us outsiders', why do not you have pity on my mother, because you hit her, and now she walking is difficult ...... Care if I crashed with you, I would not hesitate took out the money lost, but not here to bargain! "

Perhaps my gas field overawed him, or his conscience, together with the people around to help our family to speak, said the coordinator is also the side portions of appropriate penalties may be exempt, a one-time perpetrators promised a break with the accident. Subsequently, the two sides signed his mark, the other party to pay 3,000 yuan in compensation by way of micro-channel transfer. Of course, I took the "Road Traffic Accident" on his ID card information, may be used just in case.

Fortunately, this thing can still play a mediating traffic successfully resolved, we believe that the perpetrators may be unable to compensate, the need to prosecute through legal channels. Now most like my mother a speedy recovery, do not leave sequelae.

In addition, ladies and gentlemen strict accordance with the rules of the road trip, "rule, in turn, can protect us." In addition, be sure to pay vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance in particular, can choose 1 million or more. I would like to travel safe!

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