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Life really is a drama

Tuesday on February 18th, 2020Life

Inadvertently, they play a variety of roles. Life, each requires its own role to perform intentions, the good, the wicked, good and bad, idiot, stupid people ....... Reality proved, believe their own will into a an unexpected role. Roles can change, but the heart is very difficult to change.

Once Xixi, a joke, for some obscure text, it might make a sudden change to allow some people think of you. Role is not to set their own, but in the eyes of others exist, everyone from different angles different standpoint you, the role is different. So will co-exist multiple roles in our body at the same time in the same place.

Whether intentional or not, regardless of what role we are, we should be from good. So, our behavior, our language, our thoughts should be based on each individual's body, whether they are good guys, bad guys, or idiots, stupid people.

We should all have faith, regardless of whether it is true faith, because faith is that everyone can have, and it is possible to guide each person from the good. Jesus Christ is such a belief.

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