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Recommend a good thing luxury light floor lamp

Sunday on February 9th, 2020Life

Double Twelve bought the first arrival of the goods - luxury light floor lamp

Price "119 yuan"

I feel pretty good, in fact, buy this lamp is equipped with a new house, but to fill in the address here, so, ah, simply side with the problem, replace the original under the living room floor lamp.

Whole body black light, a lamp base + + + poles composed of the lamp cap, the assembly is quite simple.

Last year, like the Nordic IKEA style class, this year is the popular light series luxury, extravagance what is light, my understanding is that cool colors hit color metal.

This lamp is what I found in the Taobao inadvertently, it would have been to buy lights, so to see the price was right, not bad comment, mainly to see the chase comment, I think most of the comments are generally looking to chase assessment, you can see that this basic 7788 product quality, of course, is also essential to see the evaluation map, physical map is real.

Lamp of good quality, is a metal pole black matte painting, feel good, but also the visual texture, were divided into three poles, except a base pole, the other pole is connected by a nut, and can freely adjust the height; base there are also more sincerity, E27 universal lamp, the main thing is inclined at an angle before or after any suitable posing according to the scene; the base is also very interesting, up-page presentation is marble base, is indeed the kind of shading, anti-slip bottom design, which are is not important, it is important to look good, but also full of weight, do not worry about lights dumping issues; the last is the light line problem, mandrel light line, over the line from pole, the seat of the connection in the end, so that the benefits of the entire visual light body very uniform, it will not interfere with the line of sight.

Package with a light bulb, but I did not use it, and use the Philips bulb Mi series, can be linked from home.

On the map, look at the effect, turn off the main lights, downlights open shot, the light is not very good, but also Nordic home improvement can match this light, modern style and luxury light series is even more appropriate.

This is before the floor lamp, and the whole style of furniture matches the wood color + white combination is a bit stingy.

Finally, yesterday an elder to work in Guizhou, come back to me today with this, Sichuan friends should know is what, elsewhere friends, you know what is not, hey.

This is my first time to eat this year, brush a little oil pan, fry, dipped in honey or sugar to eat, Pakistan proper!

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