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Hutchison was once routine online shopping

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

A few days ago from a second-hand car market to buy a small break open his own car, the original RAV4 to his wife that Taiwan open. Small old car configuration can be, it is less tachograph. Before he bought from the 360 ??official tachograph, he has been with the good, want to change the brand use with it. I looked "Ling of" brand from the Lynx. My online shopping habit is to find the largest selling the house, she found the search called "Kai Mai car products franchise stores."

When asked customer service questions, call the routine began. Because the rear-view camera usually needs to be installed on the rear windshield, and my car is SUV, the windshield is then opened the door together. So I want to look at installing video now to make a decision, the results of customer service said, "We shop install the video is sent together with the goods, sweeping view of the two-dimensional code. The other is, no matter what the car is not too bad, a little ability and a half hours can be installed. " Install video issued with the goods? Well, I think, as long as you say good installation. When I asked to take power directly from the fuse box at a good time of installation, customer service sentence again, "Do not worry, the general ability of people can be installed." I think my ability is still possible, so I believe the customer's words.

After receipt of the goods the day before yesterday scan code to watch video installation, the result of a page fault. Find customer service apart from anything else to install video Youku sent a link. At that time I did not say not to install video of it? Customer service customer service explained that the pre-sale customer service have not installed the video. He said the phrase routine is obvious.

I watched the video introduction, when the tutorials from the fuse box to take power at the tutorial to say "please find professional installation." Since you are installing the tutorial, you should tell the mounting method ah! I found the customer service, customer service to sentence installation costs 80 yuan. I said before not to say that most people can install it? The results explain customer service is "pre-sale customer service and that is, do not understand." You do not know what you call it! No way, starting with the cigarette lighter to take power at it. It is routine.

Forward Looking installation is very smooth, but after the installation depends on the time the problem came after the SUV, depending simply no way to install. I find customer service, customer service is the phrase "pre-sale customer service and that is, do not understand." Alas, it is routine.

I made the rear-view mirror head returns, customer service agreed, but only 30 bucks back. I said that according to your normal price, the difference is far more than this price ah, customer service to sentence "company policy." Alas, the terms of the King, is routine. I said that if I want to return it full, customer service to sentence "because you open the package, you need to deduct depreciation." I opened the package do not know how I can not install it!

After the best choice when it official flagship store online shopping, unofficial shop routine is too deep, can not afford to hurt ah!

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