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Winter vacation begins

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Winter vacation from tomorrow officially began, winter time is very short, less than three weeks. A few days before the annual winter vacation almost had to soak in the unit. Accounting teacher performance pay would have to be two or three days, and then complete accounting of publicity. Almost always overcrowded in the public notice period in office, it must explain the ins and outs of every penny for them. Even home from work, the phone also can not stop. After two or three days public notice period, you have to be busy and pay for performance reimbursement, fight for the teachers got paid very happy home for the holiday.

Some years ago, today may be even busy, GB wage demands by the year must be adjusted in place, our unit is placed in the 30th. It had to be done after the reported annual salary. Alas, all things are piled up together.

From the beginning to the beginning of the New Year's Eve five or six over this time is the most leisure, one thing did not work, you can have fun with the wife and kids. These days are the most likely to engage in their own belly big time, walk relatives, drink of wine, every day is faint.

After a sixth day, the unit's something slowly began to rise, Xinhua Bookstore to pull the book, then the book year points. Thing after another after another, will be the sixth day began to work.

Although winter time is three weeks, but doing so of their own time is fifty-six days. Originally wanted to write "winter time planning", but really bad planning fifty-six days time. This fifty-six days time to have fun with the child. Although little of their own time, but sooner or later there is still time, time to get it sooner or later, use up properly exercise their bodies. This is a fight for his own winter lumbar disc problems has improved.

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