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Exam by just fine

Saturday on February 22nd, 2020Life

This time it is quite busy, because during the day to learn to drive, work at night, forget it, I have more than two weeks have not slept at home, but fortunately I sleep quality is good, but not high demand for beds, otherwise, I like my colleagues, sleeping in the unit finished the next day back home to sleep once again.

In fact, throughout October, some things are busy files, move files, the certificates, running around, tired with grandson like, was busy this matter, No. driving school on October 21 informed me to take a written test, but where I read the book, ah, pushed to No. 25, and that a few days to do problems on the phone and computer, make the first pass if only 60 points, was done about 70 times, and then finally on the 90 Since I'm not the kind of very smart people, so it is still very hard to read, and two days before the test I have done two or three in the morning, I was about 25, 10:30 to a subject of examination, the result was that scene scared, too many people, more than a full wait until 13:00 before my turn, and finally fairly easy too, and also recognized during a junior girls, and later learned that I was a driving school, we are practicing together car, very clever!

Finished not long driving school will notify November 5678 four days Lianju, No. 9 direct examination subjects Second, such a wonderful arrangement, I was speechless, but fortunately I can set aside time to, or who would make so many days off ah, since about December, we stopped here two subjects took the test, because re-engage in the examination room, that time will be like over there, like Guangzhou, the difficulty will be more difficult, so we quickly want to driving school exam passed in mid-December two subjects, we have reminders very tight.

Since the first day I changed the address, the result of the coach for the first time did not find me, call me verbally, out of my very embarrassed, the contents of the first day is turned twice in the examination room, and then Banpo start practicing under and over curves and right angles, the first day of teaching my old coach a little big, I called the discredited by a few, he said:. "you, as a man, how so bad sense of direction." I do not know why, I learn to drive lacks talent, the day I think I might stand a chance, mood swings death, also raining that day, an afternoon shower.

From the second day to the fourth day, another coach taught me, I was very grateful to him, because after that he taught me, I did some progress, but the first time he see me open, scolded: "You yesterday never learned it? "in fact, I think the first day I never learned, really touch their own car in less than an hour, the coach told me this set of requirements is still high, he also seriously than any other coach, I remember the first 18:00 it got more than three days, it is obviously much better progress. The most important side parking and storage piles are down he taught, he taught when ferocious curse, but privately we smoke together, chat very happy, so he is a very distinct people, he said to us demanding is good for us, he has work ethic, this is what he said.

During learn to drive, I've met a few friends, is a fat boy, he estimates there are 200 kilos, because the body is too fat, not to see the stretch head is less than the tires, smoke everywhere, and then a one, people Compare pulled, he invited me to eat a meal, and then the big D-yong, both of them are coming from Guangzhou to learn, they are both Zhanjiang, big D is Hiromi junior, is actually a yong The boss, he seemed very young ah! Usually we Lianju three were always together, eating, chatting, smoking, almost two packs of cigarettes a day. Or several junior girls, one of which is with me and that test subjects a woman, Gansu people, but very nice.

Under summary, I am old, and now the world really is after 90, learn to drive almost everyone found smoke, do not smoke but also a pack of cigarettes it, too many people with a micro-channel, playing every day endure erase these games, the coach did not temper well, must be psychologically prepared, the attitude of the coach must be good, not to argue with him, you heard the call, modest learning, so coaches prefer, the best coaches often handed down to smoke, and it will also coach instead to hang out, there will be no loss to eat, sometimes some things still to do.

No. 9 to test subjects two, I was very nervous in the morning stomach painful death, went to the toilet twice, I was 10:30 batch of results until 18:00 after more than my turn, did not eat lunch and dinner, it drank two bottles of rice pudding, soft legs, to me, the days are dark, lines are not clear, but did not force the legs, legs shaking, step off a good hard ah, then the coach gave me a lot help is also relatively fortunate, I also passed two subjects, over time, the coach ran over and touched my face, said: "! striking earners", ha ha, this is the first time the coach praised me ah! During the examination the coach said: "I took seven people have been six, and he sent you, you have to pass anyway." At that time pressure was dead, but fortunately did not let the coach down!

The next long-distance and road test, it should not make me nervous, and after a two subjects can pause for breath, but I'm going to the next whole training in December, but also to test, is also for a permit, but also to refuel efforts because of their ability is very general, it is to pay more than others, more humble, more focused, the only way to pass the test again and again.

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