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Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre - the free exercise of

Saturday on February 22nd, 2020Life

Last weekend 10/14-10/15, to go out to relax a couple of days.

Travel: trains, in addition to two full play, the rest all train travel, self-scheduled European train tickets, self-scheduled, the Raiders every ye do to the travel of a stay away.

Walk more, and you encounter different landscapes, give you a different feeling, for you to grow up!

The concept of slowly changing: in the past that buy souvenirs in tourist sites ...... silly, stupid ...... now himself the man, probably to commemorate the forgotten it.

The tour:

10/14 Turin - Florence

Cursory visit:

Santa Maria del Fiore, basement, boarded the Clock Tower, the Baptistery, museums,

Feelings: Florence, has a rich cultural heritage, feel nurtured. Italy some rigid, restaurants do not understand the work and think less of the phone, reading a paper book culture and more. Noir Cao origin of this story, specially to the children with a small doll.

Florence is very famous in the world art capital of the European Cultural Center, the birthplace of the Renaissance in Europe, the birthplace of opera, world-famous cultural attractions. It belongs to Tuscany, Italy, the former capital of Italy, the Italian Cultural Center. Florence Italy transportation hub connecting the north and south of the railway, road network, Arno River running through the city, there are seven bridges across the strait. Population 444,000 (1982). Downtown remains the pattern of the Roman period. Multi-medieval architecture. The city has more than 40 museums and galleries, world-famous Uffizi art gallery and bark, the world's first Academy of Fine Arts, the world's highest institution of fine arts world renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy blend of the essence of this painting. Cultural center, a university, as well as art, literature, science and the Institute of Library and so on.

Florence's most glorious moment, to the number of the Renaissance. Medici family love art, under its protection and funding, then accumulate in Florence many celebrities, such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Galileo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello Taylor, Giotto, Modigliani, Titian, Boccaccio, Bidelake, Vasari, Machiavelli ( "the Prince," the author) are all one, and it is with a number of outstanding artists created a lot of Yao light of the Renaissance architecture, sculpture and paintings, Renaissance Florence became a top priority, it has become the center of European art and culture and ideas.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

10/15 Florence Morning - Pisa Photos

Leaning Tower of Pisa to see the Leaning Tower actually met, there is a little bit exaggerated, pushing all kinds of visitors to the various Rotary camera, next to the church, cemetery a distance. Wandering residential areas, the overall feeling of quiet and peaceful.

Pisa with its famous attractions Leaning Tower of Pisa Cathedral Square of Miracles, Knight's Square and Pisa Baptistry. But also because in 1590, Galileo made a "two iron balls while landing" experiments on Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa makes notoriety.

Pizza fame, largely benefit from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower was completed in 1350, but the project as early as 1174 began. That year, during works to the third level, people find reasons foundation, building structure, the tower appeared inclined. So engineering interrupted. Later, those in power have changed, but also sent for a new architect to continue this project.

Over time, the degree of tilt Tower of Pisa is increasing, and has now reached 4.5 meters, but also the inclination to continue to increase at a rate of 1 millimeter per year.

Probably because of its oblique, and others do not, known to be a "lucky hit" getting bigger, visitors flocked to.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

Afternoon: Florence - La Spezia - Cinque Terre

One word: water Miyama show;

The endless sea! Bikini babes lazy in the sun on the beach, give you a different feeling!

Cinque Terre (Italian: Cinque Terre), also known as Cinque Terre, Italy Liguria (Liguria) La Spezia Province, the coastal areas, is Monterosso al Mare (Monterosso al Mare), Wei collectively Er Nazha (Vernazza), Kearney Leah (Corniglia), Manarola (Manarola) and Riomaggiore (Riomaggiore) five towns and villages. In 1997, the Cinque Terre and Portovenere (Portovenere), Palmaria (Palmaria), Tino (Tino), Tinetto (Tinetto) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together List in 1999 was turned into a national park (Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre). Source: Wikipedia

Took a lot of pictures, the story of the journey is too much, finishing behind the upload free!

Each step of the way of life, are your growth path!

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