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Walking difficult, difficult to walk

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Transferred to new units for almost a month, I feel not integrated into the new family of organizations.

The original Accounting two people, because of his work so far I'm still a person, a person all the work have had to bear down. First person financial management point of view, this is non-compliance, and the other from a personal point of view, than in normal work two to three times, the need for a process of adaptation. Only the new units, the environment has not been appropriate, but such a large amount of work, but there is no recourse but to do it slowly.

Every morning to the unit, is a word - busy. After lunch in the cafeteria, but also to the office immediately, until, late point, a little bit of time off are not, it can be described as the work of a full load. But even so, still feeling the unit leaders believe that you are very busy, even the work of other departments also arranged to do the accounting room. Accounting is really all-powerful? Task scheduling down, a little tired does not matter if you do not how to do? How to do good? Data all other departments, had to ask one by one, even the management system but also in other departments, to coordinate the work you put in place?

A few days ago the foot was burned, the case is still adhere to teeth inconvenient to walk to work, go to work will not accumulate too many things have to be done!

Because burns while walking difficult it is difficult to walk, and I hope this will not be road is hard enough!

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