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Own blog, record their own road traveled

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Looking at the road blog updates nearly a year, just reprint some articles, I did not seriously going to write an article. Why he did not write, because it is not that level. In real life, when bragging chat, we always show while she literature, long considered a literary level, is generally believed by others, people are really hanging. But also because of this, it is also loaded to force to force yourself, how loaded? Their own language from primary to university level sent a very, conversation usually too poor. Their unique strengths is play computer. No way, still have to be loaded to force ah, this time to think of using their expertise to the loading force. Built himself a ShuDudu blog, then reprinted in other people's articles to act as their own, so feel very hung up.

Force myself loaded to force, is also good, turn to some of the articles that he will go to read, naturally force myself to read some things. Now we see pupils' reading list "so much, if often lamented the year I go to school teachers have been forced to read these words must read, their levels as for the case. Or to read more books, is also loaded to force in order to go more than read books.

He did not insist that he is a force of people, often want to do a lot of things, but basically do not have to adhere down. This can be a very good experience from the blog, turned when mountain biking on the blog, that this time I would want to ride a mountain bike; the blog turn lose weight, weight loss also; turn fleshy when the blog , it is also raising more meat; when the turn of calligraphy on the blog, I'm learning calligraphy. . . . But the same thing will not adhere to every three months, it is no will, no execution of people.

I wrote on the blog do not go four or five articles about the game, how to how admonition, warning their own, but it is the tube itself. It was not persevering.

In fact, I often have to read the article, feeling that he wrote the article seems to be arbitrary, no literary talent. . Ha, this is the reason I can write a blog.

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