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Finally able to idle

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

From January 6th to write "busy", we can say that this time up to now had not stopped. The children and teachers from 25 January onwards winter officially began, and the other from the 26th, I was busy pace more accelerated. Because in the past year was to catch the various departments of the cross over the assessment of the situation teacher summarize accounting for performance, you have to ensure that teachers get merit pay before New Year's Eve have a good year. Today, almost all of these things properly, and in the case so tomorrow no objection to the publicity will get the Department of Education reimbursement, when years ago things all over.

When uploading assets today submitted a report, after a good performance accounting, put down the mouse that moment suddenly felt the whole people a lot easier, just feel their winter vacation really began.

I have been thinking these days leisurely down from the Internet to find a phone book download to see, but my wife just to see me get my phone is considered in the Internet. No way, unconditional obedience in front of his wife. Children spend more time with it, really, although this is the beginning of the 25th winter vacation, or units every day to work overtime, do not have fun with the girl. When my father shouted when the day dragged his exhausted body home, the girl heard the sound of milk and milk gas, fatigue suddenly nothing. Family happily together, this is happiness. Take advantage of these days to spend time with family.

Overtime these days no time on the Internet, today opened a blog ring to see if that is a hot topic boke112 article is plagiarism issue. Internet itself is a great platform for knowledge sharing, although it is shared, but must respect the copyright. Just as we write citations someone else's point of view of time, but also plus "reference" in the article tail of it!

Some owners reprint someone else's article, also left the source, but some of the content of the article the words replaced by synonyms, become a "pseudo-original." Pseudo-original is done in order to better indexed by search engines, we can understand this, but still should be added to indicate the copyright of the original author of the most basic respect.

You see a good article, it can be reproduced on their website, but must indicate the author and to the point. If you just "copied content" that is copied, not harsh words to say it is "stolen."

Not much to say, I have to take my check to check reprint articles are not copyright the left! Otherwise, I became a thief!

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