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Operations, development of power, pressure and direction.

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

This concept work, everyone is not unfamiliar. But I believe that what we commonly understood meaning of the job is to write checks to the teacher in your exercise book.

During this time the easy language to learn, read a forum operating system. Feel the power of the job is too great, so the job of understanding with the other hand. The next Baidu Encyclopedia, also found that the ancients Albert understanding in place, the job, "Ci Hai" interpreted as activities to complete its tasks of production, learning carried out. . The ancients also the main concept of the production activities carried out in order to work.

Then we could take the job understood as power, pressure and direction of it!

From the beginning of 2010 contacts easy language, are aimless learning, I do not know what to learn! Every day is nothing to soak in the forum! Recently in a forum on the operating system by requiring the job to re-learn tutorials to learn more knowledge by expanding tutorial. That is, we know there is purpose, direction of learning. At the same time, there is a direction, have their own learning goals, so natural in order to achieve this goal have power. When your job is not well done, and will have a natural pressure.

Think of the life, work, and we should give yourself assignments. For themselves identify the direction, goals, strive for this goal away! !

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