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Gradually change of weather, I feel the chill

Saturday on February 22nd, 2020Life

Morning, the wind whistling outside, the next stop rain, cold death, but I did not sleep, driving foobar 2k, listen to that shit I do not understand the lyrics, click the mouse aimlessly, which is a very lonely night, no home!

To pay two months' rent, I found was not any money, always empty, feel life is very sad, but sometimes they think it has been very good, because someone might at the moment is sleeping in the trash, it was being hungry, being someone in custody for no reason, and I, is that the heart is not satisfied with nothing tired.

State exam is over, this is my second time to participate in national test, plus transferring students before, I took the test a total of three times, only two civil service exam results, and admitted to pass the test, other explanations are obviously a lot of I, I am the latter. The civil service exam crowd, I think it is either very related, or is it does not matter, I am also the latter, because it is the test, relatively fair, but that is just the opposite!

A lot of people go to the civil service exam, what is not in order, but many also seek a stable, middle-income jobs are now looking for work difficult, more difficult to find a job like this, so many people flock to lead the competition is very fierce, general are candidates for a few hundred people, some even thousands, some even better than one, so I will not be admitted who can say that this is indeed the test of ability and luck, few people the first time admitted, unless those conditions apply plus popular professional and you meet the harsh, most people did not dare to public examination generally too stressed, did not report too much hope, is like buying a lottery ticket, take a look at the fate of God will cares for you! Admitted to the civil service examination probability is very low acceptance rate than what the college entrance examination, lower and more graduate school, really hard!

Of course, not all luck, persistence and hard work are more, but insist that it is too difficult, some people stick to the 35-year-old did not come ashore, most people are working side, side to start revising, but a very difficult time Guarantee. Went to Guangzhou examination, and some people also share a moment, a lot of people like me, doing a very willing to do the work or odd jobs or doing nothing, unstable low income, you can not find better , you can only hope to change their fate through the exam, but have lamented easier said than done, such as once a year, how this one day too? Only you know!

The car on the way to Guangzhou, a girl sitting next to me also take a test, and handsome appearance, dressed, the key is the sound is very gentle and nice, not small fresh nor non-mainstream, a very ordinary girl, but people feel very comfortable, she liked to sit next to a quiet, she never take the initiative to speak, the eyes have been watching the car, really fascinating!

A boy on the bus and chatted all the way, he Shaoguan, ready to take a year under the police, he also suggested that I go to quiz, they say easy, but if you want to go myopia surgery, I do not want to, and he also told me under a software called 8684 bus, check out Metro bus is really convenient.

There is also a girl, she had two years of grassroots work experience, so she called the office only 50 people, competition is relatively small, it is able to speak, she looks older than me point. She said there was a big God on their examination room, the line measured 15 minutes before the finish, expounding finished an hour early, leaving time to sleep, I can only say Niubi sparkling person is still there, but I am also good in front of a girl, I feel she should do well, forget barcoded when an assignment, but fortunately when the teacher told her that the best check, otherwise in vain, she should be grateful if admitted to the invigilator up!

Exam, thousands of people poured out school, but the bus stop is just a few, and the scene is quite spectacular, on the subway, too, almost pushed into a meat pie, wherever have to queue, is to fight to grab at the moment, you really feel the pressure of the population, precisely because many people, a lot of our life to be boring to a lot of hard work, we have a lot less protection, we are much less per capita social resources, the whereabouts of our lives obsequious compromise, hypocrisy flatter, raped live, even shouted cool, this is the survival criteria of this country, in this wonderful country, not talk about what is ideal, what way of life, rights, democracy, freedom, alive, to fill belly, will not freeze to death, to marry the wife is the truth ah, can not choose life, fate can not be decided, pray for as long as the flies are not the worst, has been pretty good!

I really think these people encounter, like a person, can understand each other, and you are like a displaced person to find their own tribes, feel a sense of belonging, but feel very sad, looking at so many people, behind every person has their own pain, but there are a few can become a butterfly, Nirvana rebirth to a camel Cock wire counter-attack it?

Think of Jason Mraz's song "The World As I See It"

The world as I see it, is a remarkable place

A beautiful house in a forest, of stars in outer space.

From a birds eye view, I can see it has a well-rounded personality

From a birds eye view, I can see we are family.

At the moment, the whole body felt cold, winter has really come!

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