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Food dinner

Sunday on February 2nd, 2020Life

This is a "kick" the article, looking at the home page display, missing a corner, watching the strange awkward, ha ha, but I'm not a Virgo ah, strange!

Mom, young married woman, the children return home, they have a life time, no one to cook is one of the most uncomfortable too, can no longer go home to eat hot meals, which is a fatal problem, take-away point ? Foreign little effort is now completely sold are not, unpalatable ah, get yourself then at least half an hour to get it, from cooking - cutting vegetables - cooking - eating.

While a man was living for some time, to be fair to myself or get physical, so get hold of Fried Chicken Ding eat tonight, ha ha! In fact, I feel that they have to cook or can, dozens of people's meals have done, so it should be able to it on the table!

Did not go to the markets, it will use the refrigerator frozen chicken breasts. Acquire thaw out on the preparation of ingredients: garlic, ginger, two Vitex pepper, red chili peppers, salt, water, starch, egg, fuel, watercress.

** ** own practice

1. The two Vitex, chili peppers, washed and cut into small pieces, open points

1. Crush the garlic, ginger and shredded

1. frozen diced chicken breast bowl, a little water, starch, egg, a uniform amount of salt with stirring, for a salted

1. Remove from heat a little oil in a hot pan, put fried chicken, chicken pan until white, clean wok loaded bowl

1. stay a little oil, garlic, ginger flavor Stir chili peppers to fry, add two Vitex, stir together

1. Scoop Vitex saw two white start out, put watercress, do not put too much out of marked oil fry

1. Stir marked, before poured chicken, stir fry, put a little oyster sauce, salt pan

1. finally to a ceremony, cut a few scallion Wobble, OJBK, complete

Finished products, taste feel pretty good, ha ha!

The dead of night, the code word to get a cup of coffee ah, more like the original and bitter coffee, ice available, but the weather is still warm good, ha ha!

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