See you all in 19 years to write summary, I feel they should write about . "2019," in fact, is not" />
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Time 19 live Shaohua

Sunday on February 2nd, 2020Life

This year's study greatly Quotes "seize the day and live Shaohua">

See you all in 19 years to write summary, I feel they should write about.

"2019," in fact, is not smooth, has good and the bad, but in the past the past, after all, tomorrow is still spring blossoms.

Maximum two things happened in 2019 that his father's death ** ** ** and ** the child's birth.

He said a person's life illness and death is certain to happen, but it really happened to their loved ones who still can not accept and understand why such a thing would happen in the body of their loved ones. On June 18 the father was found suffering from cancer of the king [and] advanced liver cancer, then began a long journey of pain treatment, a total of four times during his father's intervention in the treatment of Southwest Medical University Hospital and West China Hospital, hospitalized six times nursed back to health, chemotherapy drugs targeting the norm, ultimately failed to retain live father, in March 2019, his father passed away.

19 years, the family added a new member hi - Xiao Zhou Zhou. In 19 years February 14 Valentine's Day night, the little guy wow is heard coming from the mother's stomach to this world, from my shoulders have a new title "Father." The little guy was born, the whole family in his father's condition, an increase of festivity, that time when the grandfather's father is smiling, though pain and suffering, but it does a lot of fun, the people are more spiritual, thanks to the arrival of the little guy, so my father a little regret, but also gratitude favorite young married woman, paying too much for the family.

19 In addition to these two major events, other little things is a part of life.

1. The children learned

2. bought a second house

3. Working wage growth

4. personally transformation to create their own circuit-meter intelligent home systems

The young married woman and a trip to travel

6. Read the three paper books

7. The second suite renovation is nearing completion

8. Other remember

Goodbye, Hello 2019, 2020>

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