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6174 guess the thought of

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Last night duty in the unit, in the office overtime when his wife sent a math problem son from a micro-channel. He said his son did not let me down counseling. Really, when I get this question thinking for a minute I did not find the answer, so Baidu. Specific topics of this is.

Group one:

7654-4567 = 3087

8730-378 = 8352

8532-2358 = 6174

Group II:

8502-2058 = 6444

6444-4446 = 1998

9981-1899 = 8082

8820-288 = 8532

8532-2358 = 6174

Let compare two sets of data to identify one of the law, then the law to write another set of data.

Above the law, I was looking for a long time is not found, this is the fourth grade of elementary school mathematics. It was just switching from simple position and would like to go up without taking into account a whole. After Baidu later learned that are selected from four different numbers are arranged in ascending order of the difference between the Save then reverse the arrangement, the result must be not more than 7 steps is 6174.

As for how to prove the results, that we do not consider, so I thought:

Now, I can not stop having problems with the brain to think. Whether it is work or study, the problems encountered in the study, the first time it will go to Baidu to find the answer. Encounter problems always call to ask colleagues at work. Take Recently convergence of old and new accounting system to do the same account, from the beginning to the end, when confronted with a problem to call this to the next step should be to ask how that operation. Listen to others talk about their own Sidongfeidong. To a final total might as well save yourself the time to think.

Now I memory, ability to think serious decline. Think of 2016 before doing this financial time, no matter what kind of problems, what kind of report, what data, no more than half a day I will always resolve their own independent, then in the county and can be considered famous. But now obviously felt his skull filled with not a brain, but installed a skull paste. When really want to stop to think about a problem, do not mind how long it will be made up, dizzy, drowsy simply can not do things. Even now read, too, last night to the hostel to pick up kindle reading, found the day before yesterday to see the contents are completely do not remember, did not a little impression. Looking forward the two slowly recall.

Because "the brain is not enough" and lead to a serious decline in productivity, had an hour to complete the results of the work done two or three hours, he had not finished. Reduced efficiency time it is not enough, in retrospect, was busy all day to do a little something.

We are now on their own to worry about, his mind is not enough, how to break! ?

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