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2019 first half of the book list

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

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Since February 4 New Year's Eve to kindle received this afternoon, just six months the whole. This in turn six years, the use of leisure time broken up and read a total of 17 books. Feeling the greatest gains is that power mobile phones, the original cell phone charging a day after kindle twenty-three days with one charge.

For these 17 books, in addition to "alive" This book is an afternoon of reading, the other is the use of fragments of time. Before lunch, before sleep picked kindle ten minutes, twenty minutes to see this. "Alive" This book is the use of an afternoon reading, because after a small part of the front to see, could not bear to put down. Watching burst into a blowout while rampant, could not help but put all other work aside.

Now the most trouble is how to find a good quality "free" e-book. Of course, this may also be human nature, free of charge would not buy. E-book free resources from the Internet to find the above words do not talk, very affect the reading. Under the share who do not know much better free resource.

1. Rosemond "terrible twos"

2. Seoul Carnegie "human weakness"

3. Yi Zhongtian "Three Kingdoms"

4. Chai Jing "alive"

5. Wang Zeng - qi "Life is a lot of fun."

6. Kai-fu Lee, "a different world because of you."

7. Chen Kun "suddenly come to Tibet"

8-9 large ice "Amitabha Meme da" "Good Momo Tou"

10. Yu Hua's "To Live"

11-13. One person, "happy you", "White said," "pain and happiness"

14. Meng not "go with the flow."

15. San Mao "Sahara's Story"

16. Tsai Chung-ho of "skins"

17, Shen Fu "Lin Yutang"

Which is the god of high-quality free resource station to share it?

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