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From August to October of books on her face

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

1. Wang Zeng Qi "human vegetation"

2. Large ice "you are bad"

3. Large ice "How good"

Yes, three months, he only saw three books. And these three books is the beginning of August saw the part of the end of October saw part, other times not reading. Last publication of books is August 5, 2019, six months saw 17 books, three books nearly a month, and this month was reading a book a month.

I also recognize that in August, when the number of more than a dozen titles to help school teachers to engage in the material out of the bruised and battered, not in the mood to read. To early September is too busy working and do not have time to read at the beginning. In fact, busy, tired, just a pretext, but is not enough anyone own nothing. If at that time, then stick with it, this habit will certainly remain to the present.

Look in the previous six months, I read has become a habit, as long as there is idle time will pick up the pieces look will kindle book, then reading is feeling very comfortable. When this time inert habits, pick up to kindle, that is not the heart to see. Again take up the phone to play again.

Now I put the phone APP entertaining delete all ready to go back before, the use of leisure time broken up.

I posted this just to hit his face, so that my long point memory! !

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