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KX Cross talk-cum-installation of snail horn auto installation experience

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In the last article, "Kia kx cross car in mind," Speaking last month on the 15th for his wife put a Kia KX CROSS. Smaller from the online buzz learned that this car's horn sound, only to find mention car really is too small voice, he tells the truth, not some battery car horn louder. For security considerations, to determine their own hands for a trumpet!

Flowers from Taobao 98 dollars to buy a special double KX CROSS-free snail horn broken line, when the result of receipt of goods found to be "song competition" brand, and then check the price of 50 yuan, if coupled with a divided into two lines of 20 yuan, the store is earned 20 dollars dirty money. But then, after all, his family said to be car-specific, free to go with his one point of the line, and often includes a stent. So think about it above the psychological balance.

From the Internet looked under the installation method, make the most of the front panel, below the fenders removed. Demolition must take the following car fender rack up, you must go to a car repair shop. Then go to auto repair shops, manual fee to charge you at least 50 bucks. Baidu search begins again on the other, and finally have some friends on the experience of his own hands on the car home forum, without dismantling the front panel, do not dismantle the following fenders, so he pressed his methods.

His approach is not to install two snail horn together, one is installed in place, the other is installed in the inlet at the glass of water that is the engine fan at the upper left, the place just to have a screw, size also just right. Two horn relatively close distance, a second-tier division also happens just right, do not have the original line removed. After twenty minutes of installation, final perfection of the original car that replaced the original speaker, then for good effect really is too perfect!

Here to talk about their own feelings on the installation of car: car installation, it should be considered from two aspects, one is security, and second is to install B.

Modern Yuet that sets the time to buy in 2011, spent nearly a thousand dollars is fitted with leather seats and navigation from the 4S shop. Really, that time is not too much to understand, these two things are completely loaded B for it! Fitted with leather seats it took a few hundred dollars to buy cloth coverings, leather can not see the car, and has been used with. If we are to be installed from the outside of the car repair shop, it was also the most is three thousand dollars.

2018 bought the Toyota RAV4, but also toss a few thousand dollars. From a security standpoint, the installation of tire pressure monitoring, is to buy from Taobao most expensive of Taiwan, it seems to be closer to 1,100 yuan, while the domestic is the most expensive of the five or six hundred dollars. The installation of a traffic Luosuo function, this is from safety considerations. Because small children at home, afraid of the car when the vehicle is running when the door is opened. Installation of a key liter window function, in fact, this feature is to install B, basically no how to use.

Buy a car this year, it is for security reasons, the original car horn snail horn into a double. Why do I say this is for security reasons, it is because there are users due to its small horn sound out of a traffic accident. In front of a car battery, you little horn sounds, they will think back of the car battery and is free to change the emergence of road accidents. In addition to the installation of a horn, the other did not add anything.

Car installation, one for safety, the second is to install B! You agree with it?

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