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I play off the cloud? Play-off cloud play me!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

August 30, 2017, playing off cloud officially started selling. I should be in December when it learned to play off the network cloud, playing off the cloud is a product of Thunder, simple to understand, play-off is private cloud cloud disk, but if after adding "play-off plan," he will put your idle network resources utilized for the Thunder download provides node, which is the well-known "block chain." Reference to "block chain" it will not be unfamiliar, adding there will be rich rewards.

Play-off cloud came to be netizens called "mother hen", "mother hen" will lay eggs, that is, playing off currency. And how much your bandwidth and external hard drives the size of eggs under the "old mother hen" have a relationship, the beginning of the day can produce more than a dozen play-off coins, currency can be exchanged for a play-off people several dollars coins currency. So that when the cloud was mad play-off more than a thousand dollars a copying.

In the play-off pushed up to the cloud the end of December, when about five hundred dollars, you can also grab online. That's when I on the official website and Jingdong price of 399 grabbed two, then that the United States ah. You know, if one was 500 dollars to buy it easily earn a hundred dollars.

Now grab the "mother hen", it would have to give him with a "chicken coop" Yeah. On Taobao bought two 798 2T Seagate hard drives, external hard disk box two spent 257.6, so doing, a total investment of 1853 dollars. At that time every day can yield nearly three play-off coins, each playing off currency can be exchanged for 5 RMB yuan so, so doing, less than six months you can return to this, the back is earned.

Ideal is full, the reality is skinny. As the number of "mother hen", playing off a serious decline in currency production, more important is the exchange rate falling too fast. Not too long a day, the yield is a little more money, while only a currency exchange over two money. Even so, I do not care to go too, but not to pay attention over the exchange rate. I just think on that, anyway, will not lose! The results of it? !

When the mine produced, I went to see my play-off cloud, cloud to two play-off certain production is currently 1,300 dollars, at current exchange rate 3 cents to count, can be exchanged for 390 dollars. Haha, almost two years when the cost of money to one of two short of 9 dollars. Now if we open, electricity is not enough money. There is a major thing, this "mother hen" too "eat" hard, because he is 24 hours a day reading and writing hard disk, hard disk damage is too severe, so I put him stopped to let him eat gray.

There is also a small episode, I ate a hard disk on the ash cloud brought toss play-off NAS, but there is a malfunction of the hard tips. Wanted to lose count, I did not think to look for the seller warranty. The results found to No. 14 December 2019 only after the warranty period contact the merchant, he sent a few days of warranty. I think this can really be considered quasi hard time, that is, a few days ago, for a new block of the hard disk. Double Twelve Seagate 2T when the price is 339, I 285 on the busy fish to sell!

Currently "sterilization" of the play-off cloud (that is, out of the play-off plan, not 24 hours to read and write hard disk) can be purchased for about 60 dollars on a busy fish, there is no "sterilization" can only sell around 30 dollars. But if you want to exit the play-off plan, you have to apply for, obtain identity cards to be hand-held camera or anything, too much trouble!

Calculate the past two years, I was playing off the cloud "play" How much money? In fact, it can not be said to be playing, it is mainly their own imprudent investment!

Currently there are two hands "mother hen" to prepare for "sterilization." Own set, another set ready to hang busy fish! Which interested, you can contact me! Beating me less loss of points!

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