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Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Some time ago a dozen teachers engaged in vocational assessment of the school, though it is summer, but still go to work every day. Yesterday, when things basically ended the night his wife at home that day sheets, quilt What are removed to wash it. I said OK, anyway, these days the weather was good, the quilts are also sun drying.

Home country or using a semi-automatic washing machines, long before my mother said to replace the automatic right, but my mom has not been agreed. Town home is fully automatic washing machine use, my mom used to go several times, saying that the laundry is not clean. Mom is a love of clean person, for automatic washing machine to wash clothes is not satisfied, but I also feel fully automatic washing machine to wash a large object when really not too clean. It may also be the reason mom does not agree to change it!

It reminds me of childhood parents laundry.

I live in a small village change the water on both sides, it is a tributary of the Huai River - Yao River. Childhood Yao river is very clean, clear, to the middle of the river boat really is crystal clear. Grandmother lived across the river, go to grandma sitting in the boat when thirsty if adults would give us a direct hand pick the river to drink.

At that time every household laundry are to this river to wash, has been vice picture printed in my mind, is the big shoulders of people carrying a long bench, two stood clothes, holding a hammer and clothes rod laundry soap , walking in the woods by the river. Because Yao river bank are dirt, so the long bench on the water to use as a slate. Children are like most people go along with a large laundry, especially in the summer, in a wide range of people are visual, some children daring can go swimming. Because I might still poor water, though often go to the laundry and adults together, but never learn to swim. I remember when the three days are fast and dad to go with the fields to fight drugs, medicine spattered, Dad let me go swimming in the water wash, I say not swim dad was very surprised, and now still no learn to swim.

Yao is now the water is filthy, the other is the improvement of living conditions, earlier there was no one in the laundry Yao river.

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