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How to become phone cards 0 monthly/ultra-low monthly

Tuesday on March 17th, 2020Life

2017 0 monthly transfer is almost impossible. This article applies only fond 0 monthly/monthly low, and fond of collecting multi-card number, WIFI mobile phone users, mobile phone users do not apply to Internet traffic, a single card users, such as my family and more than 20 cards, and now monthly total 20 yuan. Because 0 monthly/ultra-low monthly packages, the Internet is usually very expensive, it is the operator's routine. The methods herein, the operator does not encourage, or even very much opposed, but this is due to the loopholes in new policies, so operators have to perform. And because the proportion of users into quite small, so the operators eye, close one eye. I was almost the first user into the October rent, I was ifree paste it into the first 2 0 monthly package, it is A Fuka paste it into the No. 1 0 monthly packages.

First, through various channels such as forums, search engines, search, ask the local monthly minimum (do not ask the operating room, telephone customer service, they would not recommend low monthly package), and make sure this package is now in the sale package, namely " the current package. " If you have not developed a new user, out of print (but this is still the old user charges), the situation where a complaint can not be transferred. Then, log on the official website operators, such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom's website, find the "complaints and suggestions", the need into the package, polite tone as much as possible, and then received a call back, usually to turn. Can turn, the key is to be transferred to the package, the package must be current. Once out of print, it can not be transferred.

There are not many places 0 monthly package, it can only transfer $ 5, $ 6, $ 8 packages.

If the current package, it must be able to turn. It is not to turn, then fill in the "Complaints and Suggestions" again at the official website of the operator's justification is transferred in accordance with the provisions of "the Ministry of Qing [2006] No. 630 document", the operator shall not refuse and old customers into the existing packages, can usually be accomplishing, and transferred to the general attitude of customer service is particularly good. But a few customer service will be the Selection Committee.

For example, I transferred to the Beijing Telecom ifree, Beijing Mobile 5 yuan card, Hebei Telecom A Fuka, customer service attitude particularly good!

Finally, if you still do not give into complaints Ministry of Industry.

In addition, the 2-year period is used to constrain the high monthly users, limiting high monthly users into low monthly package within 2 years. So, for a low monthly users, almost negligible "two-year period", once transferred, usually life-long discount.

If your card is a telecom card, if you have 2-year period, you may within the validity period will not turn course, if the customer enthusiasm a little, then 2-year period can be directly to cancel, and then turn course, have to admire China Telecom's powerful and services .


Dividing line

Attached, turn my small experience 0 monthly:

2017, a ifree Friends of Beijing Telecom posted it on the bar, his original card was about 133 in 2002 to buy Unicom, monthly 33 yuan, then after six operators restructuring, he became a telecommunications card card because the card he and I discussed a lot. At that time I had five Beijing ifree (0 monthly), two red cards 3 yuan Beijing Telecom (ie Beijing ez-link card, three yuan monthly, segment number 133). At that time I think he will be able to transfer $ 3 ez-link card, as Beijing Telecom posted it already has successful examples.

But I never thought of that, he successfully transferred to the Beijing ifree (0 monthly), he is sticking to it, it should be transferred to the history of the first users of telecommunications 0 monthly.

After that, according to his method, he suggested that I fill in the "Complaints and Suggestions" in telecommunications web site, my two Beijing Telecom 3 yuan red card, also turned into 0 monthly, I was the first of two users into ifree .

After that, many users have moved into ifree package, the country is estimated at 1,000 people -2000 people up and down, know how to toss the user is still very few.

Hebei Telecom 0 monthly card, is A Fuka, issued in 2014, 2015, out of print. November 17, 2017 on the line again, or 0 monthly, but offer a lot of shrinking, commonly known as "Hebei A Fuka two generations." Conditions when back online very strict, only apply in rural areas of Hebei Province. After users have complained, not long before the city will also be released in the country.

At that time, A Fuka one netizen posted it, and I just city, he wanted to transfer. I was very optimistic about the chances of success, he is very confident. Because of his in the field, so he let me first turn, I was surprised to turn a successful result in early December 2017, becoming the No. 1 A Fuka paste it into the "Hebei A Fuka 2 generation" of users, but also my into the old number is pretty scarce No. 2009 network, there are seven 3, unconditionally to the transferee.

Hebei A Fuka generation as it has been out of print, can not be transferred.

My family and telecom cards, have all been transferred to 0 monthly, and make free, no monthly fees, call the local free phone number for all telecommunications, outside the field, or a local network number, 0.1 yuan, or 0.11 yuan/min phone how to play do not feel bad bill, a dollar play for 10 minutes.

Because of the need, I need to use the mobile card. My family and I were five cards Beijing Mobile, No. 139,138,135 segment, about October 2017, I transferred all of these cards "Beijing Mobile 5 yuan card," which charges 18 yuan and Beijing Mobile M-Zone is almost entirely Like, just 13 yuan less monthly. Beijing Mobile 5 yuan card has been out of print in 2013, it is the best in the history of Beijing Mobile Package. September 2017, due to the complaints of many users (human needs), and gave the package to relax out of print, can be transferred, still can be transferred.

Including one of my 38 yuan Beijing Global Package (November 2017 network), but also turned into 5 yuan card.

I can only say that Beijing move very kind. Beijing Telecom, thick Dao.

In addition, there is one thing, at the end of 2017 Beijing Mobile micro-channel public number, launch sweepstakes, then it is easy to be able to get 10 yuan bill. There are also 20 first prize, first prize is a VIVO planned value of 3,000 mobile phone (model I forgot). However, due to a system failure (program error), resulting in about 5,000 people able to get the first prize, Beijing Mobile and later cashed give these users, a loss of about 15 million yuan. Beijing Mobile to reluctantly trustworthy point of praise!

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