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Childhood memories: free Internet access!

Tuesday on February 18th, 2020Life

I am the person (27 years old) age, childhood is spent in the cafe! Childhood pocket money and not much of it, but how do they want to go to Internet cafes? At that time I fell in love with the study of "hacking", then the State has not managed network information in this regard. So just a casual search on the Internet "hacker" "hacker training" on OK. I also spend time to join the "Black Hawk net (Patriots safety net) VIP"!

Others are playing the game, I would study such a mess "technology" on the web! When I was 18 years old to apply for identity cards and have their own first bank card! Spent 600 yuan plus a Black Hawk VIP, regarded changed my life ah! (Also recall talk) in the time before and after that, I found Internet cafes charging system to crack tutorial + tools in a hacker forum! After reading my emotions, try holding the mentality on the day went to the cafe. That seems to be the cafe and small partners to finish off ready to go, that is, from time to time there may be more than 20 minutes. I propose to try, then later almost to toss a good time to! After all, he is also ready to go home, on the computer hung a small QQ, opened the hook lock and then left.

This computer then hung on for a whole long seven days a week time. In the meantime I and small partners also visited the cafe, of course, I did not dare to meet again on that computer! Start after a few tries to open a wanton hour card, the time before the end of break and play all day. So spend a few years time! You heard correctly so "free play for a few years"!

One day after a long time, and still before the house of peers to the Internet in the same way, we intend to play from morning to spend the afternoon ordinary weekend! But it is bound to be an extraordinary day!

Nothing exciting had a morning, when dozens of Internet cafes on the third floor deck computer probably two of us playing there. Eating lunch at noon, when looking at the "tutor" in the animation, thought so spent all day? I never thought the partner a small WC Later, after the waiter heard a waiter around with walkie-talkies as people! ! ! ! He quickly ran scared of me sent packing ah! I see it being fun also do not want to go! Until junior partner said seems to be found, I was dubious got up to leave! Before I left I took a WC. Forty years to see a man came out with a few attendants came over, looked at me and glances to see just where we stand. I heard that the lead man whispered curse: Madeleine sucker people have told us ran up doing? I and small partners swiftly ran.

It is not over, then came out seems to be around 1:00, right? No place to go decided to go to an Internet cafe to try another look? We went to another double deck cafe! FIG cartridge window that follows:

Is also open one hour break time is coming, and then it was not long before people Duzhe network with a! Said timer to see program on the computer, a little timer that point is not open, he asked how it happens? Timid before that time has been arrested together with a fluke run away. Guilty do not know how to do? Fortunately, network management education just let us get out of a few do not welcome you. Probably the original words: You did not right, let's go quickly, so you do not welcome you! Next to normal consumption or do you welcome. I and small partners to quickly turn tail and run.

Just Baidu search "Internet cafes charging system crack" There are still a lot of posts 2017 update! Childhood memories ah! The first case was discovered on the floor man machine is almost zero, where the cashier will display the machine is empty, and the waiter actually found that there are people sitting there naturally suspicious of. The second problem was also found on the character! A lot of people on board was found to have met several times to estimate a cafe, right? So try to make the user was arrested and then beaten mentally prepared! Do not try!

Now there is this version of high imitation simulation, and the second was arrested because there is no pop-up interface, so this was discovered.

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