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Whose responsibility

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

The same intersection, two days apart, two car accident, two lives, two seriously injured. Who's responsible?

Where work began six months before the town could build a north-south direction of the main road, currently under the lime cushion paved, not on asphalt. This road intersects with what is interoperable traffic arteries, particularly the daily dealings of this east-west road trucks, freight cars are inter-provincial long distances on local roads should not be familiar with, through crossroads here no deceleration.

At that time vehicles or pedestrians to enter the construction site, the construction side of the road being repaired by the junction of the road with something metal bar up, more than two meters high iron five this way, a high metal wall. In the middle of the iron fence left 45 meters out the door to facilitate construction vehicles. The reason is the country for the metal is too high, and from the east-west direction of the vehicle can not see the situation the north-south direction.

I do not know what the reason, the works were suspended for nearly a month, because lime cushion construction paved and never lock the door before, so north-south direction passing pedestrians and vehicles can also slow the passage. Because of unpaved, the way things than a lot lower, naturally form a slope, electric car ride to this place must have stepped on the gas can be uphill, and so on a difficult slope after the car stopped .

In the afternoon on Thursday on a three car electric tricycle, was a large truck rolling east-west direction, one person was killed, two seriously injured. Saturday around seven in the morning, a man riding electric car is rolling the same east-west direction of large trucks died on the spot. Just three days, two car accident, two killed and two injured.

After the first accident occurred, the department does not have any action. And after the second accident occurred, the relevant departments are up action. Department of Transportation installed at this crossroads, "yellow flashing", the construction side of the metal wall transformed into a transparent plastic walls.

I was thinking, why departments are in question took place away thinking correct, why not have this sense of security, why can not these security risks to exclude it in before the accident did not happen?

Just three days, two car accident, two dead and two injured, who's responsible!

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