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Summer begins

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Last winter, wrote "winter break," and from the beginning on July 1, my summer vacation has begun. From articles to write something (can not say the article, I wrote only be regarded as "things") and the beginning of summer vacation today, in fact, are disgruntled. That come to talk about my whining now!

In fact, it comes to summer vacation, many people will envy have time to rest for two months. In fact, calculation, real time to rest is also one. The beginning of the summer vacation is not particularly busy, as a start like winter, but things continue throughout the summer, still have a week to go to school couple of days.

Because living in different positions with regular teachers, regular teachers after the start of the summer can leave school completely, completely self-flying. But I will not do this job. First of all, there are arranged two or three times a month on duty, the other is too early to apply for public funds, have to declare in mid Teachers Insurance, the end have to pay the teachers' insurance, such processes require at least another three days. Such operations are within the government's online operation is completed. These are also implemented only after the start of the implementation of e-finance reform in 2019.

Speaking of electronic financial reform in our county, we had to Tucao. Take this piece of insurance for teachers, before the community sector is based on teachers' base salaries, automatic calculation of five insurance teachers two gold, automatically initiates a debit to the financial sector. Automatically import the financial sector community sector after deduction from wages. But now the so-called "electronic" and "paperless" has become a wholly artificial, of errands. Two gold and five insurance requires manual accounting; initiate debit require manual entry, manual review; after successful payment required to take back a single bank; then get back to a single local tax departments need to invoicing, invoice needs to get the community sector confirmed. A flow down at least two or three days. Really do not know the original "automation" will live to become a "run errands" and more change the more complicated!

Pulling away, saying it was a summer thing became a complaint to the work of the! Although intermittent units during the summer need to go, but for organs and units like no summer vacation, the last time the distribution is quite free. At least the beginning of a few numbers to units themselves can decide.

This "free" should be grateful to teachers. Many people Tucao teachers winter break, summer vacation time is too long, in fact, you did not see their pay. Thanks to the hard work pay teachers again.

Summer vacation began, access to a computer but is less. English tutoring the son of his wife the morning, I took the girl in the afternoon I tutored math son. We may update and review of the article will not be in a hurry when a reply!

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