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Moderate game benefits the brain, addicted to the game beverages

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

The game is a form of entertainment, play games appropriate for the development of brain potentials helpful.

The game is good, but a lot of people tend to play the game the depths of addiction, skipping to play the game, completely immersed in the game's virtual world inside.

Others say we will not play the game to damage the health care, less than the Yellow River did not give up. Really had to hurt their bodies, all too late, regret ah. Prodigal son, we have to recognize the dangers of the game, the game properly, start a new life.

Addicted to the game of hazards: 1, obscuring the moral awareness, played down the differences in game virtual and real life; 2, due to the current network games are mostly charged game, while continuing to develop and improve, but also exposed a drawback money problems, a lot of people play the game for money or even go back to robbery, do illegal things; 3, bad foreign cultural invasion, some countries will be bad ideas into the thinking and culture of people in the game corrosion; 4, seriously affect the physical and mental health, delay the child's Learn!

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