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Taobao praise back now, how do you see?

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

A few days ago I went through a routine of online shopping is "Remember the time it was the routine of online shopping," originally thought this thing had passed. But the follow-up story happened.

Yesterday, Sunday, after lunch nap can sleep will, can be thought ringtone awakened. Not mixed with standard Mandarin do not know what the local dialect. I originally wanted to make this online shopping "service sellers" This rating changed to praise a bad review, I certainly would not agree. See I do not agree, they started their first set of programs - to change the comment back now. He said that as long as the difference in assessment into praise, can give you back 20 bucks, plus "praise back now" 10 bucks implementation of their stores, a total of 30 dollars back. I say this is not a question of money, it is a fact I can not change, I hung up the phone.

Yesterday morning they received text messages that the phone, which should be their second program, right - to play emotional card. Large companies mean staff assessment, there is negative feedback means substandard performance, substandard performance will deduct wages or even expulsion. The emotional card to play, the word is also used in very subtle, and "Big Brother", "help", "I beg you", "you" have to spend. This message I am too lazy to care of.

Therefore I think that we launched in the purchase business network "praise blueprint back now." Our normal net after purchase evaluation is generally divided into product reviews and service evaluation, evaluation of this service is real-time, online shopping after you finish the process can be evaluated for their customer service, logistics and other services. But this is the evaluation of goods, when you can get the goods on the quality of goods can be accurately evaluated it? The business has caught the buyer psychology of "cash back", so that buyers "were well received." And part of buyers in order to get "cash back" to go against their "praise" the. Saying a little serious, a lot of buyers to their own conscience with praise fees thirty-five dollars on businesses sold, sad indeed!

Encountered such a situation, you can order it thirty-five dollars and go against their "praise" it? !

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