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I have been to Suzhou, just Zhangjiagang

Tuesday on March 17th, 2020Life

Last week received the news, I rushed to the need to make a bank Zhangjiagang technical support, on the spot I was ignorant of the force, for two reasons, first, when I received the news of people still travel Fuzhou, which is this time the travel business trip; the second is Zhangjiagang in any place, from the feeling of speaking, might be a city in Hebei it.

The next thing I know, the original is the original programmer Zhangjiagang hospitalized during a holiday home, so I temporarily take over the work, in addition, is a city of Zhangjiagang city of Suzhou, fundamentally nothing to do with Hebei.

Then last week the weekend, I would rush to start from Fuzhou, Suzhou, because there is no airport, so flying to the nearby cities of Wuxi City, the results catch up with flight delays for 2 hours to Wuxi to Zhangjiagang missed the last car had by car from the railway station to Suzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou Railway Station to catch up from the last bus in Zhangjiagang, on the same day 22:00 arrived in Zhangjiagang, from 1 am to 22:00 arrival, a full nine hours ah pro.

After flight delays must remember to buy insurance!

However, it came only to find, in the customer line where I am the only one of the Hang Seng electronic, instantaneous pressure about face came up. Any questions are asked out of me, however, while not new to the software framework, but some of the business environment and relevant content essentially know nothing about, ah, can only hold their first customer, then bite the bullet and read the code and solve the problem . I did not expect myself how to go through this week.

When night with my mom calls, suddenly realized that I was a person from buying a plane ticket to opportunity, to take the car, to book hotels, find customers to shop, to contact the person in charge of party lines, to docking, to buy the work, to solve the problem, it has been quietly by himself to complete. Give yourself a quiet place like this.

Today, the weather is thoroughly beautiful, the temperature has apparently reached a feeling of early summer. Think about it, he came to Suzhou, although the county under the Zhangjiagang City, whatever the outcome, but also reward your tired week I ah. Go out and play. Well, I chose "Zhangjiagang park" it.

Only 1.2 km from my hotel, well, forgive me in fact live in the surrounding stroll around, not too high for a otaku requirements.

Already heard through the world-famous gardens in Suzhou, Zhangjiagang went to the park, private thought there may be a shadow of the Suzhou garden bar. Having said that, in such a beautiful weather go to any park, presumably not bad mood.

Stay away

Zhangjiagang city belongs to the county, also belong to the county-level city Haiyang, from the level of urban construction point of view, Zhangjiagang City, I do not know where to go, and from the locals opened the car (Su E license) point of view, there really is a extremely affluent places. So in the park, full of parents take their kids to play, there are folk songs painting, there are games, there are kite-flying, full breath of life, however, floated outside the domain of a man alone, or with their own not to leave abandoned shadow to picture it.

In fact, staying silent to let me have, for example, the hotel features a small card.

In order to avoid suspicion of driving, phone number coding. From Chongqing to Qingdao to Suzhou, across half of China, this little card has never been broken, in addition to the characters and changed the phone number, the card binding style and advertisements have not changed. Collect seven Dragon can call it?

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