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Never underestimate the potential of wool party

Tuesday on March 17th, 2020Life

During this time I found that those who take advantage of activities has been to name the new name for white prostitute called.

White prostitution do not understand the literal meaning, the meaning is extended to take advantage of, and specifically to white whore of a group of people called the white whore party. Presumably this should stem from B station, many owners do a video like UP explicitly or implicitly cast coins, often attracted white prostitute Party barrage shouting "next time." As a professional to pull live search blogger himself, has always been the love of money must also be a good profit, but the subconscious is still feeling greedy to take advantage of these sub-activities or do not open for the wonderful, might affect the image of an honest man does not believe in fame of this difficult maintenance , so-called "muffled fortune," said the not unreasonable. But since the wind changed, or frankly do their own more appropriate, it is now time to write white prostitute things right.

Tencent's read the text of the company's product: pocket read, held an event around August last year, the activity rule is 899 yuan to buy an e-reader mobile phone size 180 consecutive days reading every day more than 30 minutes and more than 300, you can receive full cash back. The familiar aroma, in front of violent overturn last year x Xun is simply the same formula, but fine pondering or a little bit different, here regarded as a business and user agreement on gambling, gambling is that we can not check the 180 days one day without falling attendance.

If you ask me not on the car, and asked that on, but two.

Before purchasing first made assessment difficult, 180 days and a half hours every day reading may be some torture, as a programmer, the first reaction is to automatically click software; as a senior programmer, the second reaction is to give up this idea; as final a write software, I decided to physical methods to solve the problem. The original idea is to use the slow way N20 motor drives the reel to touch the screen to automatically click. Since it is decided to do mechanical aids Well, I simply bought two pocket read, and bought two N20 one minute slow machines and some materials to turn 5 on PDD, such as hot melt adhesive sticks and electric iron. Figure ideas, from the soul hand painted.

Before the material in place, by chance I discovered the Internet a truly great God to do physical hardware assist: servos coupled with arduino microcontroller do clicker, not only reliable but also simple, than I have to build shelves this program much better. Immediately abandon the original plan, the decision Chaozuo Ye.

Ridiculous to say, my undergraduate university electronic information engineering, electronic precisely hardware-related content, would have thought that knowledge will never be used during college, and now to spend, but is accurate in terms of access to electricity soldering iron Technology. arduino microcontroller used here have learned with the University of compilation microcontroller completely different, somewhat similar to the one of the few I prefer the course was open - EDA hardware programming. PDD bought two to a four yuan a steering gear, $ 15 arduino nano board, looks like that is on the map, do not buy the reason is because the standard version of multi-standard version of the 30 ah, parts count breadboard, DuPont line, and so together, plus electric iron hot melt adhesive of money, cost a total of about 50 bar.

Assembled every minute, but the syntax is arduino I never had any contact, and can read but not write but it will change, do not bother to learn it is not necessary to learn, the code directly to the Great God who moved here. The next debugging process I simply write code to solve the BUG process, too familiar, and soon, my life first electronic hardware complete with practical value. Although the number of times I usually give myself to write gadget with countless software, but hardware to make tangible thing really is the first time.

Bought a small bread plate, DuPont line too messy, they wrapped up the third piece of equipment is Hisense A5, is 180 days to sign the white prostitute, a arduino pro-test can drive three servos, but these three one by one servo is running, not running together. The support frame using a small stick together before you buy the hot-melt adhesive together.

Resign at home this time I punch card equipment to the home, saw my mother said something:. "Done quite hard to see, ah, let your dad certainly do not do so ugly live" hands-on aspect I do admit that I inherited my dad but may be diluted a part of it my mother. In the process of doing this thing has happened a subtle change, I even feel a little bartering, to do this thing to punch white prostitute, but the joy of making this thing is much higher than white prostitute punch. During this time production and research I was totally immersed in this process, do it until after the sense of accomplishment and joy is really palpable, sent to take pictures of friends, a lot of people saw were black question mark face, even my mom looked pretty ugly, so that only you can understand this is happiness.

Back to punch above, from the end of August to now, I have been more than 160 days a punch, there are ten days you can successfully get off. According to the official data read pocket, looks like only 3 percent of people adhere to this time, it appears that the "white whore is the driving force, never underestimate the potential of white prostitute party" has been a real hammer.

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