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Wrote a farewell message smartphones

Sunday on March 15th, 2020Life

Some time ago published a QQ space to talk about, I'm going to write to smart phones to give as gifts, they used the Nokia machine function. Yes, the holidays coming home after my smartphone really give family. I have bought a Nokia 130DS, dual card dual standby, GSM networks, GPRS function of a non-functional machine sales is high. The phone's main market is India, Africa and other countries and regions, of course, I looked sales are good. Pulling away, I bid farewell to intelligent machine is not a spur of the moment, but after a few months of thinking and make a move. For months, I think for so many years and with the phone, the phone industry changes kidnapped phone, so I made this decision, although bring change life for smartphones in this regard prompted me to write a very long article to talk, and have a good outline of the column, but now smartphone or give it to write a farewell letter, considered a memorial, and I hope I have the same feelings people have the courage to lay down their smart phones.

My first smart machine is moved in January 2013 to participate in keep calls to send mobile phones to get, that's my phone number to participate in the 4th keep calls to send mobile phone activities. Before mobile phones are functional machine, some bad, some see a new mobile phone with a new one, anyway, to participate in activities it is appropriate. Later, around to see part of the small local tyrants who were using machine intelligence, how I did not envy, but also want to have one. In January 2013, I got a little scholarship, saved 899 yuan to get the first smart machine - Huawei T8830pro. Then this phone is an innovative product, was the first entity a market dual-core intelligent machines, the first large phone memory is 512M RAM. It now appears that this memory has people scoff, and at a time when the memory of the phone has been very cow B. After we get our hands on, the first time the micro-channel, mobile QQ client (before are used in 3G QQ, now 3G QQ has been off the assembly line). Micro-letters do not need to register the phone number of that time, as long as the QQ number to log can be used, but also a discreet exit micro-channel time menu also discuss this later.

This phone has given me great help, not give me a lot of help. Mainly reflected in the map navigation. April 2013, my first time to Kunming, participate in the Graduate Record Examination. I arrived in Kunming, ask ask mess, the old lady down the road to ask the train to nearby stall, the other gave me the answer is: "! & $ # & ^ * & # @" I totally do not understand what the other was saying. At that time I did not know there are mobile maps. After that came the map, I can not find where to search the map, the map with GPS navigation. At that time I did not have much mobile phone APP, when nothing or micro letter QQ chat with friends, or a very pleasant thing. At that time the smartphone is also a day on one charge, so I bought a treasure charge in the year in January, the result of this charge treasure in April to use it.

The first half of 2014, the smart phone APP Android system started its rapid development, a large number of online shopping, buy and other APP began to develop a new user. My roommate accounted for new users of cheap, put a lot of people around us take phone number are registered, the results I therefore bear the harassment of spam messages for a long time. These spam messages are sent every day with a different number, it can not simply be solved by pulling the blacklist. At this time of APP, in addition to individual Taobao rogue such as mobile phones, the other is to exit, even if there are still exit process in the background, it can also kill. However, I soon discovered that, with the gradual upgrade software, memory footprint is growing, in the second half of 2014, my 512M RAM cell phone, it has been unable to support much of the software running at the same time. Meanwhile, the software has been unable to use the method to kill the process to terminate, more and more software can not exit properly, so I uninstalled a lot of software, leaving only a phone QQ. Once, I was driving mobile QQ, the result of a phone call, just one answer, the phone crashed. Later, with the phone constantly upgrade the configuration to overcome this problem, the configuration of the phone getting higher and higher, the price lower and lower (Never mind the quality), upgrading faster and faster, people on average 9-18 months desire replacement, the purse will go flat.

With the popularity of smart phones, operators also reversed the direction of development. Past calls and text messages to mobile phone packages as a selling point, now completely at a flow rate as the main selling point, call supplement. 2015, first started moving speed drop charges, traffic half price, launched a 4G traffic card, monthly 50 yuan included within the flow towards me 2G, while the country without roaming. The course followed the different mobile operators and two other entities consistent style - the old users are allowed to go through, I have to turn into this package. The emergence of this package, I mean North Korea has entered a flow-driven, network communication as a main direction of development of the times. However, we think, network communication can replace basic voice and SMS communication it?

Later, the phone APP continuous development and upgrading, as far as possible in order to allow the user more time to stay in their own APP above, the developer not only adds to the variety of APP complex function, but also with a dark way to force users to use. The main representative is the most famous series of Tencent QQ and Tencent micro letter. I mentioned earlier, the 2013 micro-channel can still be normal exit, exit no longer will receive micro-letter message. Later micro-channel hidden exit the menu, caring person can be found, it is hidden to the "I - Settings - Exit - Closes micro letter." Need to click four times menu, and uncheck "remind time a message in the notification bar", and then click Close to exit. To exit the user after each use should be carried out such a complex exit people feel pain, so many people will click on the Home button micro letter retreated to the background. Mobile QQ, too, before the hidden exit the menu, although the recovery to come back later but the user's habits have been forced to change. November 2016 Tencent Tencent launched a mobile terminal TIM (note, not computer terminal Tencent TM), will exit the menu completely removed once the user logon can not quit (Note that this option does not exit the current account called normal exit). Tencent QQ, micro-channel methods currently used to kill the process to withdraw futile. They create two or even six processes in the background of your phone to guard, kill the process once the action phone system appeared, they immediately (less than 1 second) to restart, even more crazy push messages in the background.

Know almost in discussions on this issue very busy, I recently went to see. I think the result is the same and online narrative, which is Tencent to continue to force users online even 24 hours online and deliberately designed. This time WeChat and QQ, is not available to you entertainment, but to become a part of someone else abducted tools. As more and more people and micro-channel QQ hanging in the background, flow through lower prices, spend the same traffic charges can send more QQ and micro-channel messages, phone calls and send text messages to save the money, he began to refuse to use the most basic phone and messaging functions, forcing those around online use QQ and micro-channel to receive their messages at any time. The vast majority of such users, enjoying the process of receiving network messages on the Internet at any time, Dangdang when the phone is always ringing No, do not even have to unlock it read chat messages. There are a growing number of owners, managers use this approach in the workplace kidnapped staff induction staff 24 hours to accept work online. This is also the purpose of Tencent. Tencent very successful rape of a large number of users.

From this perspective, secondary school, in the past there is no cell phone, even without a network, do the same school for so many years. At that time people pay more attention to efficiency, the transfer of different departments, messages between different units is not as fast now, but the efficiency is very high. After that time the teacher from work, school personnel on duty can assume responsibility for problem students may occur in time. And now? The use of mobile phones and Internet, 24-hour kidnapping teacher, duty, professional security personnel shirk responsibility, refused to take on the obligations, something happens only know notify the class teacher, head teacher and even most of the night to let go of a few kilometers or even school students to deal with a dozen kilometers away problem. For many companies, when employees to work, also using a mobile phone or network unconditional employees work overtime. Whether it is school or company, pay no attention to working hours planning the next day or the next working day of more work, but the use of this seemingly convenient way, regardless of time, regardless of location layout work, and force employees to go regardless of time, regardless of location standby.

With the included micro-channel and QQ, more and more functions, led to the spread of fragmented message, people have gradually forced to adapt to this fragmented information read, so more and more people began to indulge in brush phone process, even a few minutes to open a cell phone, continue to brush all kinds of software, even though no one gave them a message on their micro letters and QQ, they will use other services, such as reading public micro-channel number information, micro-channel public number services. At the same time, more and more users can not be the depth of thinking, their expression has become fragmented, they interact with others, and as much information has been unable to express the most refined language, their language becomes increasingly the more trivial, more and more low expression, but they did not find. I compared what, give me those continuous micro letter sent a few messages express the content of a friend, and I gave them to me to convey the contents of text messages sent over to me to compare, you can obviously find it.

Now, people in the online exchange to replace the meeting or on the phone. Doing so, however, the efficiency is really high yet? People receiving fragmented messages for too long, for reading a long article, complete reading a book, is a very difficult thing. This shows what? In this environment, people lose the ability to think in depth, while the summary of language ability is almost lost. Before something always want the contents to be expressed very clearly, and accurately expressed in the phone or text message, with the shortest time to reach, as much information with the least expression of language. And now? Many people will not take a closer look at the full text and even online chats, not carefully look at the article, not the depth of thinking and summarize their problems, communicate with others using trivial language, and even some of the people some questioning of their problems is not thinking of a dilemma. Attention has been focused on the depth of no way.

At the same time, the way people spend their leisure time there have been changed. Many years ago, people in rural areas where the work was done at night like to get together to play cards, chat; kids like to play games together, such as hide and seek, playing the glass ball. now what? Brush phones, flat brush, but it also has the kind of fun the past get together yet? I think many people would say no. Smart phones more and more people become mobile phone overuse, on the bus, on the bus, on the subway, even walking process, the ubiquitous mobile phone overuse. Rapid dissemination of information, we often kidnapped bow to receive messages, but these messages are really that important to you? Like I said earlier, these messages become trivial, low expression levels, your continued down the costs, with the value you receive messages contained proportional to it? Many people brush phone, in essence, the brush is not information, is lonely. Phone brush method, a temporary escape from an inner void. When I put down the phone, inner emptiness, and then open the phone. And so forth.

Overall, smartphone-driven scientific and technological development, in addition to bringing some of the previously available only on the computer in order to enjoy the convenience, but also brought some negative effects, but compared to this effect and convenience, convenience can not be offset by that point this gives people the negative effects of change. I tried to uninstall a lot of software on the phone, leaving only the basic functionality, but I found that when using the Smart, it will be people around this type of kidnapping. Power on your phone more and more, consume more and more traffic, but this is a small problem, it is important, in the brush phone which wasted a lot of time, consume a lot of energy, they do not get important information . After several months of thinking, summary, I found the phone before his brush things get almost no value, whether it is to convey a lot of information, or the phone network is built on relationships. Important information In still using traditional means of communication to spread, the traditional means of communication is the mobile phone innate, all functions of the phone with the innate - calls and text messages.

So I decided to give up the smart phone, back to the era of functional machine, just need to have a family, I put the phone to give them. My implementation is, for this configuration of the hands can be fairly intelligent machines to send their families, the package with the phone number used for many years turn into the foundation of the country without roaming packages, inserted in the Nokia 130DS; for work phone, participated keep calls to send mobile phone activities, the Ministry sent a low-end intelligent machines, I twice consulting 10086 customer service manual, I say this event does not require binding machine card, so if you have a family need, I will give them the phone, put this card into 2011, Huawei 3G capabilities to participate in that activity to get the machine moving in (in addition to this phone battery is not durable, the other is okay).

In the process, I discovered. Charging a mobile phone is no longer a day, not kidnapped in the chaotic garbage in, again find themselves forced himself to continue training to restore their own thinking and summarizing ability, force yourself to restore attention, force yourself to reasonable use of time, force yourself careful observation of resilience, force yourself to be able to restore the ability to carefully read a book, and so on.

If they come to a new place where I can buy a map, look at the stop sign near the bus station, planning the route.

The other thing, I will present the employer has the ability to deal with.

According to the development of the operator's network, I think, to move, at least 10 years GSM network can not be undone; for China Unicom, the GSM network at least 20 years can not be undone. Even after many years, GSM network had withdrawn, support 4G and even 5G machine also will appear. I myself do not worry about the right to use the phone.

This is for smart phones farewell letter, goodbye, smart phones.

People can thank the patience to read this article. If you can be patient carefully read it, at least another explanation, your instincts have not completely lost.

January 2, 2017

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