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Writing about the experience, and I share with you

Sunday on March 15th, 2020Life

Love writing, but often can not write a good article, see this talk about the experience of writing the book on Jane, I feel very practical, reproduced share.

Author | ice thousands of miles

A few days ago, I attended as a guest to talk about writing topics writing Shu Eighth talk radio program on paper, it is a good stall column. I use their experience and writing experiences, to share the faithful from the perspective of cultural psychology,

Before sharing this easy to write a rough outline reference, read, read, did not think it would be five thousand words of the article, published out of here, we hope to provide a more literary friends perspectives and ideas.

friendly reminder:

1, any person, any share just take useful to you, there is a feeling, not mechanically copy.

2, real-time writing, typos and does not affect the individual not fluent Read more.


First, the principle of conservation of force and more than energy. (Only the conservation of all things, before successfully)

Libido is a kind of energy, all human behavior is thinking in everything extrinsic driving force, the driving force, energy.

From this point of writing I will be divided into two categories, one is consumption and output, one is nourished and input.

All active willingness to look outside the written text belong to the first category (statements, reports, letters, writing, copywriting, circle of friends, the public number, space, microblogging, etc.), from this perspective, we write all the articles included in the Jane book platforms fall into this category, reason why is consumption and output, because the motivation for writing is to let others see themselves, understand themselves.

Which contains money, status, fame, to be understood, to be comforted, to be accepted, loved and other needs, the text must be to please, ask, sacrifice, control, cater to pay more.

Now the Internet has accelerated the convenience of the people of utilitarian heart, such as one hundred thousand plus, comments, thumbs up, forward, a reward, the temptation amount of reading, publishing, writing will lead to the consumption of hard work and Manner.

Even the so-called self Hi not really pure self Hey, as long as the release is in the public eye, the subconscious will certainly want to be seen, or at least need to see a specific person.

All times many well-known writers suicide (Hemingway, Maupassant, Yesenin, Lao She, San Mao, Gu Cheng, Hai Zi), they are literary giants, but can not resist their own stress and anxiety through writing, which chose not to return, if writing really can nourishing and healing, they would not have to commit suicide.

Add that, the more the author to write for a living, if he did not fit their own way to vent, the more consumption of writing itself, because you write the word on behalf of the breadwinner status and reputation value and all manner of self-satisfied vanity, it is undeniable you will write good works, but to the whole, is not conducive to physical and mental health.

Think about when the teenager secretly wrote the first diary, the kind of curiosity, excitement, joy, relaxed feel, then think about what you need to cater to the platform, survival needs, recognized the need to write articles that makes you feel It must be different.

This is the beginning of the heart do not forget the root causes of why have not most people.

A Method I was also the second study, also called healing write writing therapy, refers to all the written text that looks, not to see anyone, this text exactly what rhetorical and writing do not pay attention skills, just the inner self of thinking and integration.

The most common is the diary, you can feel yourself, and finished a diary written an article published platform, contrast of feelings, the former must sigh, become relaxed, or in writing when he led a lot of thinking, like a third eye, see yourself, all unbearable, shame, anxiety, fear, guilt will be fleshed out without any care about anyone else's eyes.

This writing is to release negative emotions, aggressive, repressed emotions and so on, is a self-help, help energy input, maintain peace of mind.

And more effective than the diary is written in mind, I call it a "writing cure", it is possible for medical treatment, his diary and the biggest difference is: the diary is the brain, the mind that writing is hard, pay attention to the former thinking the latter focusing on not thinking.

Like most simple is that you aimlessly random graffiti in the book, do not have to manage and you have no typos statement is fluent, remember that you have the right to write the worst article.

HEALING writing does not control stress, and kept a pen, determined and hair, hand, written word, would be very surprised, as if not you write, and it is these words take you back to the deepest, to understand themselves more , reaching integration, healing purposes.

Specifically very complex, can refer to my current writing anthology allow access to healing, there are detailed instructions and practice method, which is proven through practice, I will use my personal psychotherapy inside.

So, I have the following suggestions for literary friends:

1. Know your own personality, what kind of person you are, your personality is like.

If you do not know yourself, then write something certainly no soul, no matter what the subject matter you write, because you are the director, you do not know your director's movie hero's character, how do you carry out the shooting.

Man, if that person, if you want your text to impress others, we must first form their own style, in order to form their own style, we must understand their own personality, what kind of person what kind of article, your personality is unique in the world is only one, Weak water three thousand take a spoonful, which requires you to give up a lot of external temptations, write their own style of work, and you attract real people with frequency, so will make the writing change into real happy.

For example, I myself, my work nature and visitors together to explore their inner unconscious conflict, I'm real, honest, sensitive, curious, profound, and partial melancholy personality, so I can not write unreal, nor write surface, can not write very hot, novelty, follow the trend of things, so I can only write take heart, and others taught how to explore the source of their own, people's emotions, conflicts, repressed, this style more suitable for me.

I am very relaxed when writing these articles, is also very active, I have control over, because I write no matter what, in my own writing, but I wrote many, many people and I like to read, so to form a virtuous circle.

In fact, I'm best at is people's mentality, writing my psychotherapy records much more than I wrote the article, but the professional settings and for reasons of confidentiality principle, I can not render them out.

In addition, I also own a diary, free to write, also recently copied by the book, all are nourished, not just reading purpose, as are the process of energy input.

Well, How about you, what is your occupation? You're the kind of person? Your real pressure intimacy and how? You have the right of way to vent and purge the negative, repressed emotions do? If you do not mind writing is a good way, not only to meet your writing interests, but also to heal your heart.

Before you can write your own style of work, of course, you can be a writer and write to explore the heart with the mind, does not have to prepare perfect.

2, put down hard on their own.

Including participation devil-style writing course, more competition day, shouting slogans lesson book, a few months how much of the writing class, perhaps this class is undeniable commitment to achieve a certain point, but you have to really think about this part, you really need it, you are in meeting their own needs or the needs of others.

The temptation will also make the utilitarian mind you lose yourself, your energy will be drained, the only support your own is endless harsh, loss of quality of sleep, circadian clock disorder, but also patience teeth, is called the United States insist on All is not comfortable for the purpose of heart to adhere to, are consumed.

But also to lay down on the amount of fans, the amount of reading, thumbs forward appreciate the concern, of course, you are not concerned is not possible, I said you do not forest for the trees, all this is nothing but an outward appearance, meet the is your poor need to be seen, in fact, everything needs to be seen crying and shouting, are begging.

You just write part of your personal style of work, and drill down a point, it will naturally attract the attention of fans, I never made public each group in the article number, forwarding and willing to read all my loyal fans, I and with them, whether it is a thousand, or a person.

You know, you own intolerance, is unable to write with the attitude of love, will not get favors from others, remember, you have the right to write the worst word, you also have the right anxiety and sadness, love yourself.

3, attention to detail and feelings.

Look at your article, their ability to convince ourselves? You even do not believe, are afraid of their own work, not love their characters, not to mention others.

It is necessary to overcome ask a few "why", "how."

Why do you write so that describe what you exceptional circumstances, exceptions and how to solve, why this and not that solve solve, why this development, the results of such development will happen, why people would accept the result, how kind they can accept it, etc., etc.

This problem is almost endless, each one asking you to pay attention to details, you dig the pit himself could not see, but also to box themselves in, is not possible, therefore, discussed a point of view, at least even Jiwan Zi ten Jiwan Zi to expand and fully digested, write serial is a good choice, not a privilege serialized novels and stories.

In addition, you should inject their own feelings, not forcibly implanted, but naturally into one, which requires your sincerity.

You obviously do not like running, jogging benefits of non-write, then, your feelings must be conflict, hypocrisy, modification, you obviously did not get married, non-write extramarital affairs, wrote their grandchildren, then your emotions are certainly untrue.

You do not even know what counseling is, I do not know how psychoanalysis is a genre, it is unclear empathy, projective identification, the basic mechanism of defense, has never had any contact with visitors, then, how you talk about counseling how to talk about Jung Freud, so your emotions are borrowed, rather than from the heart.

This article look like, can not withstand scrutiny. How your true word there is more agile, how hypocritical you, your word will betray your personality.

4 outside, writing published, have the habit of casually write.

Or diary, or graffiti, or is free cranky, these words have a healing effect, will give you an endless source of inspiration.

This does not need to consume you just write something, if you do not know, just try to write about your dreams, your fantasies, your character around, describe your desk, keyboard can write them in detail, such as emotion, not to publish, give it a try, before long, you will increase the level of writing, but also a lot more inspiration.

Many people get accustomed to the external quest, but forget your own is a great treasure, your dreams, imagination, thinking, your association, opinion, judgment, your meditation, your experience.

Second, enjoy the solitude, so that writing becomes a force.

Some people say that the writer is a lonely, in fact, life itself is lonely, and then on the big sense, humanity, history, culture is a kind of lonely existence.

In my psychotherapy found that uncover problems widespread problems, such as work flow, and marital crisis, parenting disorders, interpersonal bottlenecks, and even depression, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety and other symptoms of so-called, are hidden behind a kind of " loneliness".

One kind of void, an emotional place to place, a sense of meaningless of life of a clash of reality and dream, an anxiety of death.

This is loneliness performance.

Therefore, the study of people in his life against this loneliness, lonely, or reduced to a minimum as far as possible, few people could really accept this deep loneliness.

Writing is a good way to resist a feeling of loneliness, which is better than alcohol, drugs, more sophisticated methods of addiction, so for writing this way, I have the following suggestions:

1, an idealized identity and collective identity.

No sense of identity there is no ego, this is an indisputable psychological fact that when you do not have enough strength to face a lonely person, we must learn to idealize an object, we must work together to find a collective boycott of loneliness.

In fact, you are doing, you will have such idol, will Hemingway, Cao Xueqin, Hsi has as your example, one of the "Great God" or a simple book signing will of the platform as you struggle to imitate and role model.

This is feasible in the early, in fact, you can not be his, but that he will give you the courage and strength to your heart, make you to rely on, so you get a sense of security.

The so-called collective identity even more, all in one platform are the authors of this writing, this is the biggest advantage of the platform briefly, because it makes a lonely individuals to find some kind of faith.

The face of a sudden setback, a person's strength is limited, but a group of people together to face, will counteract this fear.

The platform is broken down precise groups need to provide greater possibilities, such as the topics, the more refined the more likely you are to find a similar gang, the topic you like to eat good food, you have to think like the idea of ??thematic and philosophizing Do you like the story of thematic fiction, as I like to have a psychological psychological themes are the same.

So, just as you like writing, there are certain topics to talk about writing, and there you have a lot of common language, as if your heart is in close proximity of.

Then the radio as the paper is even more refined, I believe there will be more close friends on the heart, in reality, the reason why you alone, is living in a group of people you do not understand, they drowned you as an individual , so people chase their lives and find themselves in a similar person.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right topic of their own, the better, like me, is my mental her family, writing the theme topic is my research, others are not does not matter.

Who is the President of the United States if you do not care, who won the World Cup and you have little to do, but your baby exam is a major event.

Precise positioning of the group belongs, or to find a person as a target of your efforts is very important.

But you know, they are just your transitional object, after all, you want to write a person's face, and then you grow up and so force.

2, the more you do not control the writing, the more freedom you, the more you can enjoy the solitude and enjoy writing.

It still needs the mercy of their own life in addition to writing, there are many interesting things that you want to allow inspiration dried up, others allow themselves to be blamed, they are not allowed to write.

Write time, put down all at once to write immediately, forget time and frequency, remember to sit down and write hands is your only choice, that moment only this one idea, sometimes I can write day, sometimes for several days do not write it is permitted, you do not try to control the power of your writing, the more control the more you lose, the more let go, the more the word freedom.

Not with your heart and all things are in force yourself, all writing behavior "have to", are consumed.

Do not demanding perfection, the more you accept yourself writing is not perfect, the more attractive you write something, really, you can look at me "Healing writing" submission work, they may not be considered secular works , but will certainly attract you, there is nothing more attractive than the real you.

Well, I wrote here temporarily, this article does not teach you any writing skills, because all the tips are in your heart, to see if you can dig out and form your own unique charm, I hope you can press try to say, you must be a worthwhile trip.

Finally, add this: All direct to "cash" as the goal of writing are not a lot of money, put your mind on the internal strength to practice it, in time, comes just realizable goal.

So, Zhu Jun in writing on the road, all is well.

Author: Ice Trinidad

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