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Fat is cut can not afford to love!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In 2000, when working, weight is about 60KG, 174CM tall as me, at that time still a bit biased of thin. Before getting married stature has maintained very good, had married in 2007, the weight began to slowly increase. It should be should be a sentence "grow fat" it, the weight was increased to 80KG, that time really is a kind of torment, knelt down, tired shoes will be peeing pant. Later also pipe shut stride leg, body weight will remain at around 70KG.

Although the height 174CM weight 70KG normal standard to count, this is not fat, but the meat long my body was not real. Fat are long in the stomach and face, arms and legs and has shown very "slim." Whatever wearing, the beer belly at that, both looked ugly. The other is middle-aged, have begun to pay attention to the maintenance of health, body weight began to care about this. Often visits my blog know that I have high blood pressure, body weight has a direct impact on the person's blood pressure. It also had to make me want to lose weight and then some can be dropped 65KG is the most ideal.

As we all know, want to lose weight is to do nothing more than "stride leg, pipe shut." For the "stride leg," this piece, I basically adhere to the number of steps per day more than 10,000 steps. Every night around the turn on the cell twice. "Pipe shut" This I generally adhere to "not eat after noon."

Because I am a person in the county to take my son to school, parents, wife, daughter living in the countryside. Every weekend I will return home with his son at his home and family to live with. Often time to rush home country on Friday after the kids from school, this time the mother would call to ask his son "what to eat it at night? What to ask your father to eat at night?." While my son and I would say "casual", but to the house to eat supper there will always be my son and I want to eat meals.

When I say "lose weight do not eat at night," Mother always said, "You do not fat, say the fat man has style points." Several times my mother do like to eat the food I did not eat, my mother's face showing a loss of facial expression.

Parents now aged almost sixty-five, and students at the school gate to do the style of small businesses, breakfast and lunch are casual. Only in the evening will make two dishes, drink two wine, rest the legs and feet. Weekend dinner times parents can drink two small wine and catch up, but also very warm and happy things.

This time, the "fat" is the reduction can not afford to love!

Look at his blog, as early as 2013 on the development of weight loss programs do "I want to lose weight! ! . " It seems to lose weight on this matter, it is also necessary to persevere!

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